What to Look For in a Gynecomastia Surgeon


If you are seeking help for your large or puffy male breasts, how do you ensure success? There is only one way; choose an experienced cosmetic surgeon, with extensive experience in treating Gynecomastia. With a good surgeon, you can rest assured you will get the safest and best results possible.

How do you choose the right Gynecomastia surgeon? Do your homework; the Internet is an excellent starting point. You can find out about a doctor’s background, read patient reviews, and see Before/After photos of their work. The decision process will also require going in for a Gynecomastia surgical consultation. This provides a valuable time to get to know the doctor and establish a trusting relationship.

A qualified Gynecomastia surgeon will have:

  1. Board Certification. A physician who is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery will posses an in-depth knowledge of aesthetic procedures; as well as have proven proficiencies in Gynecomastia techniques.
  2. Experience. The more experience, the better. Yes, some surgeons will seem highly qualified, but are new to the field. However, there is no substitute for years of hands on experience. Cosmetic procedures can hold serious risks, including scarring, infection and chest asymmetry – with no second chances.
  3. Rapport. When you go in for a consultation, take note of how comfortable you feel with the surgeon. Was he in a rush? Did he ask you lots of questions? Did he explain all of your Gynecomastia treatment options? A good rapport and trusting relationship are necessary for a successful procedure.
  4. Honesty. An honest Gynecomastia surgeon wants what is best for you, not their wallet. Was your surgeon pushy or try to strong-arm you into the scheduling the procedure? He (or she) should present your choices, giving you the tools needed to make an educated decision at your own pace. There is no need to commit at the consultation appointment, unless you are comfortable doing so.

Houston’s Finest:

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