Femininity and Rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty or nose-reshaping surgery has been one of the most commonly performed surgical enhancements, with more than 200,000 Americans having the procedure every year. 

Aside from the anatomical differences, men and women have distinctive facial aesthetics that must be acknowledged prior to surgery to achieve natural-looking, gender-appropriate results.

The list below explains what constitute a beautiful female nose, which we aim to recreate during rhinoplasty surgery for women.

  • A slightly upturned nasal tip
Scientific surveys have suggested that the most ideal angle of the nose for women is 104-108 degrees, leading to a slightly upturned appearance. However, this “standard of beauty” may not apply to nonwhites.

For this reason, the female nose appears somewhat shorter compared to men when viewed from the side.
On the other hand, a droopier, longer-looking nose appears more masculine.

  • A more delicate, less projecting bridge
A bridge with humps or that projects excessively can be a detraction from an otherwise feminine face. However, the ideal amount of reduction is determined by facial measurements, facial features and their relationship and distance from one another, skin thickness, ethnicity, and a myriad of other things.

  • A smaller nose
Studies have suggested that women’s nose is on average 10 percent smaller than men of the same size, a biological difference attributed to more lean muscle mass found in males. While this is a helpful “guideline,” the amount of reduction should still be in line with the patient’s cosmetic goals.

Meanwhile, over-aggressive reduction must be avoided if the skin is markedly thick, which could appear amorphous especially at the nasal tip. It is important to create a new contour, of which the skin must be able to shrink down.

  • Ethnic-appropriate results
Of course, the results should also be ethnically consistent. Oftentimes, ethnic female patients can tolerate more nostril flare and base width than Caucasians. 
Article by
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon