Fall Allergy Season: How Balloon Sinusplasty Can Help


Patients who suffer from chronic sinusitis may experience symptoms like persistent nasal congestion, swelling in the face, facial pain, pressure in the sinus area, fevers, headaches, and sore throat. If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from poor sinus drainage, you may have tried treatments like antibiotics, steroids, and decongestants. However, you know these treatments can only help so much. Traditionally, chronic or recurrent sinusitis sufferers were limited to two treatment options:

  • Medication therapy
  • Traditional sinus surgery
Now, there are advances in medical science that offer new and improved options. There is a new and simple procedure called balloon sinus dilation that can help. This procedure will gently expand the natural sinus openings, fixing underlying drainage problems that other methods fail to treat.

Balloon sinus dilation is minimally invasive and can be performed in your doctor’s office under local anesthesia. Though it is a simple procedure, it delivers immediate and long-lasting results and relief from sinus issues. This unique procedure works by reshaping your sinus pathways by inflating a small balloon in key areas in the nose and sinuses to restore proper drainage. Aside from the procedure's high success rate, this treatment also offers the benefit of removing the need for cutting or removing tissue, which is done in traditional sinus surgery.

How Does Balloon Sinus Dilation Work?

The balloon sinusplasty procedure is convenient and typically only lasts about one hour. Your doctor will numb the inside of your nose to ensure you are comfortable. He or she will then place a small balloon in the sinus opening where it will be gently inflated for about five seconds. This will expand the opening and restore drainage to the area. The balloon will then be deflated and removed. You next sinus will be treated as needed. You can return to normal activity within one to two days after the procedure. With many patients reporting being able to return to work the next day.

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