Facial Implants for Weak Chin


A weak or recessed chin is one of the features that could make the face less attractive. The great news is that several options are available today to define this area and create a more “flattering” and balanced facial profile.
For a more prominent solution, chin implant is the most ideal choice. While facial implants come in different materials, the most commonly used are made of solid silicone that is notable for its high tissue compatibility; another advantage is that they can be easily removed in case the patient is not happy with the result.

Dr. Karan Dhir, a renowned facial plastic surgeon based in California, says that chin implants entail the use of incision made either inside the mouth (internal approach) or underneath the chin area (external approach).
The internal approach’s main appeal is the absence of any scar because the implant is introduced through a small incision in the mouth. Proponents suggest that it also encourages the prosthesis to stay above the jaw’s edge because no ligaments in the area are disturbed at the time of surgery.
The external approach, meanwhile, uses a small discreet incision underneath the chin that is said to lower the risk of infection compared with the intraoral technique because the wound remains dry and clean—i.e., no saliva that could cause implant contamination. It is also ideal if the patient is having a facelift or neck lift at the same time of their surgery.
Some patients prefer the use of dermal fillers than chin implants to augment their weak chin believing that the latter could lead to an “operated” or over-enhanced look. But contrary to this misconception, most facial implants today are customized based on the underlying anatomies of the face, explains Dr. Dhir.
With the use of a custom-made chin implant whose size and design depend on the existing facial structure and the patient’s goals, nowadays it is easier to improve facial balance as long as the surgery is performed by a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon.
Nevertheless, dermal fillers such as Radiesse are still used to augment the chin, although this particular product can only provide results that can only last between six to nine months.
While the results of dermal fillers are not permanent, they are ideal for patients who want to avoid surgery that involves downtime and for individuals who want to first see the results of chin implant and make certain adjustment on the amount of augmentation they would like.

Article by
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon