Facial Fillers


Aging starts by the appearance of lines and furrows in different parts of the face.
Facial fillers can put off these signs of the aging process by filling in the lines and creases. Fillers can also enhance facial structures as the lips, repair indented scars or blemishes.

Fillers are a good way to restore youth to the face.

Plumbing the nasolabial fold or filling the thinning lips or erasing the furrows of the brow can take years off your face. Fillers restore volume to the aging face or add volume to needed areas of the face.

In combination with Botox one can delay the need for facelift for years.
Available fillers in the U.S. are temporary and have to repeated on a regular
time intervals. Some filler last five to six months, these include the hyaluronic acids as Restylane. Other fillers may last up to one year such as Radiesse.
Many brands are available and will be available in the future.

Fillers are injected into the skin or under the skin. Both placements are used so that the filler is layered in the creases and folds for a more natural look. Layering also makes the filler last longer.

The procedure is simple and is done with no anesthesia. In some sensitive areas topical anesthetic or local anesthetic is used. This makes the experience more comfortable.

Fat taken from you and processed then injected as filler is the ideal filler.
In the face it is used to reverse the aging process. With age we loose fat in our face, and our faces deflate. Fat is transferred to the face restores the volume and restores youth to the face and lips.

Article by
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon