Starting the Process - LBL/Butt Aug- East Coast

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Hello All, Just wanted to write a quick note to...

Hello All,

Just wanted to write a quick note to start recording my experiences. I'm 33 and recently lost 100 POUNDS. I've been thinking of this for quite some time (the TT and BBL) and Im finally transitioning from stalking this site to taking action.

I'll be doing some consultations later this week in LA with the following Drs:
Dr Hughes
Dr Bruno
Dr Dass
Dr J
and one other Dr I probably wont go with but using as a test run.

In December I'll be doing some consults with some Baltimore area doctors since I'm visiting family. I live in the midwest (Ohio) and I haven't found a doctor whose results are worth doing a consult.

I'll keep you posted thru the selection process and post surgery (if possible). I'm looking to get the surgery done in Dec 2014. Seems like a long time out but I am a project manager by trade - so I'll use my work experience and treat this as my own little "project" FOR ME :)

UPDATE LA Round Done

Hello Ladies,

Needless to say my first round of consult was enlightening. Think of it as having a series of blind dates. You'll get some crazies and assholes and somewhere in there you will find a prince. I saw a variety of surgeons with different specialties. Since I lost 100 pounds there will be no BBL for me simply because I dont have enough fat - which is okay with me. I'll be doing surgery in 2 phases - one will be a lower body lift and the second a butt implant.

Dr. Bruno - nice guy cold but beautiful office. I didn't feel he had enough experience in the lower body lift.

"Dr. S" I will call him. Really arrogant offering me things I didn't want. He specializes in weight lost patient plastic surgery.

Dr Hughes - I met him right after surgery. I know he is hard working but didn't really know what was on his scrubs. Didn't like the coordinator Heidi - she seemed too used car salesmanly for me and didn't provide any specifics.

Dr Dass - Love him, the office and Leslie. He has a perfect blend of experiences and I asked some questions that the other docters glossed over. HE actually told me the really reallys. Liked the fact he trained in Kansas City where the Lockwood lower body procedure was invented.

I will probably go with Dr. Dass in LA however I do have some consults in the Baltimore area and then decide around Christmas.

Washington DC/Baltimore Consults

Hello Ladies,

I know I've been MIA but wanted to followup on the second round of consults with:
Dr Joseph Micheal
Dr Douglas Foreman
Dr Shurieh

I have to say that I was way more impresses with these doctors than the ones in LA. They spent way more time with me (but waiting for the docter took longer).

They are all awesome as well as their staff. Dr Joseph Foreman has a fellowship in body conturing after weight loss (which is rare to find). This visit with him seemed like I was talking to a friend about the weight loss process itself versus the procedures. He has a small solo practice and really educates you on the rationale of the techniques vs just the results. Dr Douglas Foreman has a Ivy league education but a golden heart. He really cared about me and how I would fare in the aftercare strategy. Dr Shureih is a very detailed person. I spent 3 hours with him and 1 hour was just looking at my body!! We spent the next 2 hours going in details the procedures that could give me the desired results and the risks associated with each. He is well established and respected and is doing some cutting edge stuff - especially with the booty!! One of his procedures for butt augumentation is a fat dermis - inserting the fat and skin from a tummy tuck into the buttucks versus a implant. He is the only docter in the US doing this.

So I have great hopes for 2014!! Im really leaning towards Dr Shureih right now. I've decided to think it over over Christmas. I do know one thing though - Im not going to LA for this procedure.

Doing research on getting a caregiver after surgery

I know, I know - I plan on getting this surgery late Aug/Sept 2014 but I wanted to get a jump on estimates for a caregiver after surgery. I found some sites where caregivers post jobs and wanted to share in case others ave the same need. These are nation wide:
1. -> this site has some CNA for 1200-1500 a month. Thats a awesome price to have someone assist with meals, cleaning, errands and whatnot
2. -> another site that doesn't offer monthly rates but they have do have daily rates
3. -> even though this is for seniors they also have CNAs. You have to register to see the details and I'd rather wait a while to do so

I'll probably start contacting people late June or early July. Does anymore have any guidance on what to ask when I start scheduling interviews?

Right now I'm focusing on quitting smoking and saving money. I already have cash on hand for my deposit but wanted to pay for my accommodations and schedule my surgery after I haven't had a cigarette for 2 months (late feb/ early march).

I plan on staying for 2 months since I can work anywhere with internet access. I figure I should be ok on my own after 3 weeks to a month.

Happy New Years -Day 1 of not smoking down!!

So yesterday I went without any cigs with no problem. It was easier than I expected but that may be due to still being off for the holidays (ie no stress) and I also have bronchitis :(

I am using the nicotine gum to ease off my bad habit and hopefully can be off that in around 2 months. In the meantime Im writing down a list of questions to email Dr Shureih.

As a positive reinforcement to kick the habit I have 2 benchmarks for myself:
1. Wont sent the email of questions out until one week of not smoking cigs
2. Wont sent in my deposit for surgery until I haven't smoked in 2 months (late Feb/early March)

Sept 13!! I have a surgery date!!

Hello peeps... I haven't been got with the posting because it just hasn't seemed real. I cant say that anymore though. I have my surgery date now so its time to get back active on this site to ensure I am preparing.

Wow Its almost time

I've been lurking on this site and i am down to 11 days for my surgery. Im just focusing on finishing up work and packing up for my trip to Baltimore. Im scared as all get out but i hope everything goes okay. Just got my lab work done and everything is okay from a health standpoint.

I'll keep you posted...
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