Penniculectomy with Abdominalplasty and Hernia Removal followed by Breast Reduction 1 year later

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I had my procedure done in conjuction with hernia...

I had my procedure done in conjuction with hernia removal surgery. Dr. Shureih was absoutely wonderful in making sure I understood everything that was going to happen with my surgery before and after, and my results speak for itself. I love the new me and I will definatey be using him for any future procedures that I may have. I trust him completly.

My results

Second surgery scheduled finally

I'm excited and frustrated at the same time. I'm finally ready and scheduled for the lipo/breast reduction (part 2). Its been 7 months since the first one (Abdominalplasty/Pinnuculectomy) with 3 hernias removed. Which is why I had to have a part 2. December 11th is the big day I can prayerfully say good riddens to these heavy 40 DDD'S. Insurance is covering the BR and no pre approval was required. Thanks Blue Cross Blue Shield. I'm excited...nervous...and frustrated. Frustrated because I was told that my PS had issues with the lipo machine before at this particular hospital. This is the only hospital he does surgery in outside of his facility. Hopefully we can be sure if it's working properly or has been upgraded prior to my surgery but otherwise he wouldn't know until the day of. I completely trust Dr. Shureih and believe he will do all he can to give me the absolute best results possible but this worries me. Also I think I've gained about 10 lbs since my last surgery and would really like to lose it prior to but don't wanna risk losing any breast so that he can have all or more than he needs for the insurance requirements. I know... it's a lot right. I'm just praying and putting it all in God's hands and I'm gonna fast and pray some more. Please say a prayer for me guys. I will keep you all posted. Yayyy. I'm getting the second surgery yall.

Feeling bummed and a little upset

My surgery is scheduled for December 11 and I just got a call because the lipo machine at the hospital where I'm having the BR/lipo isn't working. Now I don't know what to do. Do I just reschedule for a later date or just get the BR. And get the lipo another time in life. The lipo to me was the reason for the whole thing though. I added the BR so that my insurance could cover the hospital fees and stuff. I'm so upset. I don't when their machine will be fixed or what to do.

Breast Reduction finally rescheduled

So after having to cancel my surgery in December...I've finally rescheduled it with another doctor for April 14th. One day prior to a year to the day of my last surgery. Anyway I'm really excited after reading some of the post on here. You guys are wonderful. I question my decision everyday but I don't want to scare myself too much. I want to be overly exited and happy with the outcome. I honestly can't wait the more I look in the mirror. Please keep me in yall prayers that all goes well. I'm ready to have smaller boobs and hopefully I will be getting lipo at the same time. I will post some before pics if I don't forget. Stay tuned.

Tumescent Lipo

Has anyone ever had Tumescent Lipo where you're awake while getting the procedure? If so can you share your experience. I'm in research mode on this subject.

Breast Reduction coming up

So its getting really close to my surgery date and yes I'm very nervous but so excited at the same time. I'm NERVCITED....LOL. Decided to post some pre op pics because some say they don't think I need this surgery but I disagree. What do you guys think? I'm sure my back will feel better and I will be totally happy with a smaller me period. It's all I think about.

Breast Reduction Surgery Tomorrow

I'm NERVCITED (nervous and excited) about tomorrow. Wish I knew what to do to calm myslef right now. I know it's gonna be painful...I just pray my wounds don't open up like when I had my penniculectomy last year. Please pray for me.

Breast Reduction

Markings were done today. It's getting real and I'm super excited.

Surgery done

I made to the lighter side yall. Surgery went well. Spending the night in the hospital for observation per my insurance. The drugs are awesome so no complaints. I feel a little sore but that's it. Hopefully it won't get worse. What a blessing. Prayer works. Trusting in God for guidance works. Thank you Lord for all you've brought me through. Gn yall. Gonna try to get some rest. Ta Ta for now.

Drains Removed

One week post op and the drains are out. Yay me. I have a blister or two on my right boob that needs to heal but otherwise I'm good. LORD KNOWS I DONT NEED ANOTHER OPEN WOUND ESPECIALLY ON MY BREAST. Size wise I'm still swollen but I'm hoping not too much because they are small enough and I don't want to be any smaller. I still don't know the size I am or will end up being though. He said he took like 700 from one side and about 600 on the other and still could have taken more. I was like uhmmmm where. Lol. I'm nervous guys because I really wanted this to elevate my back pain and to be able to wear my cute bras again but honestly I probably could have achieved this with strict diet and exercise. That would have taken forever though. With that being said I really don't regret my decision and I'm just praying the size I am now is what it's gonna be. I will post pics soon.

1 week 2 daya post op pics.

Excuse the blister on my right boob. Other than that I think I'm doing well. And I plan to have more side boob removed via cool sculpting if I'm unable to lose it with diet and exercise.


I'm done with surgeries. Although my drs were great and my results end up being awesome. I'm really pissed that with my stomach surgery last year my wounds opened up in both sides 2 weeks PO and took weeks to this. This blister or burn on my right's healing but whyyyyyy does something like this have to happen. Darnit....and it's so ugly.

Still healing

Well after the last pic...once the doctor pulled the skin off this shows what I've been dealing with. I even have to wear a Wound vac everyday which is frustrating because the surgeon said I didn't need it but once he sent me to wound care that doctor said it was either a hyperbaric chamber for a month (which was out of the question because I'm extremely clostrophobic) or the wound vac. Anyway here's what I'm dealing with which is much better than it looks actually.


At least I can fit this cute bra my boyfriend bought me Christmas before last. Yay me

Breast reduction updated pics

In getting there although in sick and tired of this wound vac


I wish this wound just close already


And just like that I am healed in a Jesus name Amen.

Ugly Scar

Ugly scar but I'm happy it's healed up
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Shureih was absoutely wonderful in making sure I understood everything that was going to happen with my surgery before and after, and my results speak for itself. I love the new me and I will definatey be using him for any future procedures that I may have. I trust him completly.

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