The Double C-Plication Facelift Technique


Reaching middle-age and accepting all the little changes that go along with growing older can be a stressful and even alarming experience. It’s even worse when those little lines and folds on your face make you look older than you are and older than you feel. Dr. Sadati, knows how even subtle changes can affect men and women, and as a world-class facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sadati has developed a natural facelift technique that can be performed without the need for general anesthesia.

Called the double C-plication facelift technique, the approach produces a uniform tension on sagging facial and neck muscles so patients aren’t left with bunching at the hairline or a pulled, taut appearance around the lips, two telltale signs left behind by a traditional facelift approach. What’s more, the technique can be performed using just local and oral sedation, eliminating the risk of more intense general anesthesia and offering patients a faster recovery period, as well.

“During my years of practice, I heard from thousands of patients who felt their appearances were betraying them,” Dr. Sadati said. “They felt the aging process was making them appear older than they actually were, and certainly older than they felt.

“Still, many of these patients were hesitant to undergo a traditional facelift procedure because so many of those procedures result in unnatural effects that can actually change a person’s appearance,” he added. “I developed the double C-plication approach to, gently, ease the signs of aging, providing patients with a more youthful and refreshed appearance while eliminating the unnatural effects of traditional facelifts, and also eliminating the need for risky general anesthesia.”

The double-plication approach produces effective results in men and women, and the need for “touch-up” revision surgery is virtually minimal; in fact, in a study of Dr. Sadati’s proprietary technique published by the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, fewer than one percent of the 1,535 patients surveyed over a three-year period required touch-ups.

To date, Dr. Sadati has performed the double C-plication procedure on more than 2,000 patients at his Orange County practice, Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, treating not only the face but also the neck and jowl areas, two areas that most often show the initial signs of aging that can make a person look years older than they actually are.

Kevin Sadati, D.O., FAACS, medical director at the Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery is dedicated to providing safe, effective care to patients seeking real solutions for the problems of aging skin and other cosmetic concerns affecting the face, neck and body. Learn more about Dr. Sadati and his practice by calling 949-706-7776 and ask about a complimentary cosmetic consultation.
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