Why I Chose CoolSculpting


Non-Invasive Fat Reduction: Are we Getting Warmer, or Colder?

For years my patients have asked me about fat reduction systems on the market today. Wouldn’t it be great if you could lose fat without diet and exercise and without surgical liposuction? Who wouldn’t want that?
For years I have told my patients this is just too good to be true. I met with new device companies and listened to their pitches. I even looked into wraps you buy at parties and clinics. But I always left asking the same unanswered question: Where does the fat go? No one could ever give me an answer that made sense with my background of biological training. Some of the systems required special diets or exercise programs—you have to wonder, is the fat loss from the treatment you are paying for, or the diet and exercise you are required to do? Some systems admit they require continuous treatment because their effects are temporary. That’s not real fat reduction.

Then I found a system chillingly different.

Many non-invasive fat reduction technologies rely on heat through radio-frequency, ultra sound, or lasers to disrupt or rupture the cell wall of the fat cell. This does several things: it causes cellular trauma and an internal wound healing response by the body; it also causes triglycerides (the fat) within the cells to spill out into the body system. The hope is that the body will capture all that fat and remove it rather than allow it to cycle around and redeposit somewhere else.

But what if there was another way? Enter CoolSculpting by Zeltiq.

CoolSculpting is the only noninvasive fat reduction technology to use the power of cold delivered through a vacuum suction applicator to freeze fat cells. Why cold? Think about the butter sitting in your home right now. If you leave it on the counter it becomes soft and pliable, put it in the refrigerator and it gets hard—but your milk and eggs don’t freeze. Harvard scientists found fat cells uniquely respond to cold. Those cells can be targeted for freezing without harming other cells in your body.

The real power of cold, the reason this technology is transformational, is the body’s response to frozen cells. The freezing process causes fat cells to go through a natural cellular death, called apoptosis. The fat cells begin to break themselves up neatly into smaller pieces and signal the immune system. Then the macrophages, or the garbage collecting cells of the body (remember 8th grade biology?) clean up the fat cells and the immune system metabolizes them. This is a natural response to a natural cellular death. This is the first system that to me makes biological sense.

But not everyone in my office was convinced. Jamie is by nature skeptical. When I told her about brining CoolSculpting into our practice she thought I was crazy. She sat through the training with a critical, say even a dismissive eye. She was offered treatment and tried it, but chose a very limited treatment area. It was her way of saying, “I’ll try it, but I’m not investing much because this isn’t going to work.”

Because CoolSculpting is a natural process, the results take time—up to 2 - 4 months. So Jamie waited and doubted. Then one morning she says, “I’m ready for the rest of my treatments! When can you hook me up?” It turns out over the weekend she causally ran her hands over her stomach. She was shocked to feel a real difference in the area treated by CoolSculpting. Patients can expect, on average, a 20-24% reduction in the fat layer of the treated area. My skeptic was now a giddy supporter.

CoolSculpting is not for everybody and cannot solve every fat reduction need. But it is FDA cleared and clinically proven. Call us today to see if it is right for you.
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