Breast Reduction Surgery for Teenagers


In the ideal world, breast reduction surgery is best performed in women who are done having children or at least have reached their early twenties.  The goal is to deliver stable results by eliminating the risk factors known to cause tissue regrowth—e.g., pregnancy, weight gain, and natural development/maturity of the breasts.

For most women, breasts stop growing around the age of 17-18, although some individuals may still experience growth well into their early twenties.

However, some girls have chronic back pain, postural problems, rounded shoulders, and other debilitating effects of having hugely disproportionate breasts that “waiting” is not a good option.  For these individuals, improving the quality of life has become the main concern despite the possibility of needing a revision down to the road.

Some girls have overlarge, heavy breasts that their neck aches to the point that turning their head is a burden; and their bra straps create painful deep grooves that their skin becomes raw.

One tennis star player has even mentioned that her hugely disproportionate breasts made recovery more difficult and quite protracted after a rigorous training.  Thus she opted for a breast reduction not just to improve her “reaction time” but also to free herself from the pain and discomfort.

Because tissue regrowth is a real concern if breast reduction is performed before hitting the age of 18, some patients may have to choose a significant downsize or a “cup size” that may be smaller for their liking.  However, they have to ponder on this issue because its gravity could affect their body image in the long run.

But the truth is, women suffering from debilitating pain caused by overlarge breasts are more concerned about improving their quality of life rather than looking better in their clothes.  Nonetheless, the cosmetic aspect of the surgery must also be taken into account to further ensure high patient satisfaction rate. 

Article by
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon