Breast Implants to Simulate the Natural Slope


Breast implant surgery is not just a procedure for the augmentation of flat breasts. First and foremost, it includes countless of details such as how to achieve the natural slope and contour, the ideal projection, the size that will appear balance in relation to the rest of the body, etc.

Further complicating things is that your anatomy will limit the implant size and probably the “look” you want to achieve. Nevertheless, your cosmetic goals remain important since the objective of any elective procedure is to make someone happier with her appearance.

Take note that a natural-looking breast is fuller in the lower pole, or to be more specific, the area below the nipple. The upper pole, meanwhile, should appear somewhat concave when viewed from the side that it slopes gently from the beginning of the “mound” down to the areola complex.

It is a sacrosanct rule to avoid excessive upper pole fullness if the goal is to achieve natural results. Nevertheless, a mild to moderate “roundness” in the area is generally deemed attractive.

The first and most crucial step to recreate the natural slope is to use the right implant size, width of the base, and profile based on the underlying anatomy. The “universal” approach is to make sure that there is adequate breast tissue covering the implant surface to prevent it from rippling and becoming palpable especially along the sides.

If there is little tissue, it is highly ideal to be extra conservative when it comes to the implant size if the goal is to preserve the natural feel, contour, and look. And to further prevent the “stigmata” of breast augmentation surgery, it is also helpful to position the device behind the thick, strong layer of pec (chest) muscle.

This implant placement, or more accurately referred to as submuscular, has also been noted for its ability to deliver the natural slope and teardrop shape.

Another important issue is the profile or “how much the implants stick out.” High profile implants are known to deliver the most fullness in the upper poles, which some patients are not a fan of.

A possible or sometimes a better alternative is to use Moderate Plus and moderate breast implants.

Low profile implants, meanwhile, are best reserved for patients with a broader chest.
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