Breast Implants for Sagging Breasts


Despite the popular belief that breast implants can lift the sagging breasts to a certain degree, ignoring the underlying problem—i.e., the loose skin and tissue—will almost always result in unnatural contour like snoopy deformity and bottomed out appearance.

Breast lift is the only way to go if there is a true case of ptosis or breast sagging in which the nipple area is below the inframammary fold where the breast connects to the chest.

While breast lift is the answer, a good number of patients are apprehensive about the resulting scars. Breast implants, meanwhile, just involve the use of small “entry points” that are subtly positioned within the inframammary fold, around the perimeter of areola, inside the armpit, and within the navel’s rim.

Breast implants are designed to compensate for the lack of breast tissue, making them ideal for women asking for reconstructive surgery after mastectomy, patients with micromastia (underdeveloped breasts), and those with deflated upper poles due to pregnancy or aging.

Sometimes, implants could be used to improve the appearance of pseudo or fake ptosis, which means that the areola complex has not yet sagged below the inframammary fold, although the distance between these two points is short.

To create the ideal 4.5-5 cm distance between the areola and inframammary fold, some patients can achieve good results from implants alone, although they will most likely need a revision (usually in the form of breast lift) in the future to address age-related sagging.

Also, it makes sense to use smaller implants or at least use a size that is within the anatomical boundaries to prevent aggravating skin and tissue laxity, achieve more natural results, and avoid telltale signs of surgery such as rippling and palpability.

If there is a desire to correct the sagging appearance and at the same time achieve more fullness, breast lift and implants are performed under one surgical setting. However, some patients may have to stage their surgeries if they need more correction or want to achieve a more predictable result.

Simply put, breast enhancement is a highly customized procedure because of the anatomical variables and the patient’s unique goals and expectations.

Article by
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon