Breast implants frequent questions


º What is silicone?    

-Silicone material   

  Silicone is derived from silicon, a semi-metallic element or metal type, It is combined with oxygen to form silicon dioxide or silica in nature . Beach sand , crystals and quartz are silica . Silica is a most common substance on earth. If silica is heated at high temperature with carbon, silicon can occur . By further processing , silicon can be a polymer, or a long chemical chain , called silicone, which can be liquid form, gel or gummy substance . Different silicone types are used In lubricants and oils as well as in the silicone gum. Silicone can be found in many items commonly used in the home, such as polishes , suntan and hand lotion , antiperspirants , soaps , processed foods, rain coatings , and chewing gum.  


º Are silicone implants safe ?   

-Silicone safety  

  They have conducted special studies that found much higher levels of silicone in cow's milk and infant formula sold in stores than those found in breast milk of women with implantes. the Institute of Medicine ( www . ) concluded that there is no evidence that silicone implants are responsible for any of the diseases of the human organism .  

º Does the implants have influence on breast cancer?  

-Breast Cancer  

 There is not  any study known that proves silicone is a problem for humans. There is no evidence that implants cause cancer.  


º How breast implants affect mammography ?   


 It is possible that breast implants interfere with the detection of breast cancer during mammography and may influence mammography's difficult level. It is important, before the procedure, to advice the technician in charge of making the mammogram that you have an implant, since it may be necessary to apply special displacement technique and additional views. Discuss any family history of breast cancer with your doctor. 

 º Is it possible to develop allergies to silicone? 

-Silicone Allergy 

 It is possible for anyone to develop an allergy to almost any substance on earth; however, silicone allergies are very rare. We are all exposed to silicone in our environment every day. It is found in many household items, such as polishes, suntan and hand lotion, antiperspirants, soaps, processed foods, rain coatings , and chewing gum. 

 º What is the average life expectancy of an implant? 

-Life expectancy of an implant. 

 The implants are not lifetime devices, so they probably have to be replaced at some point in their lives. The time period varies from one woman to another. Some women need replacement surgery in only a few years, while others may take 10 to 20 years. There are several reasons why a woman might need replacement implant surgery because of a complication, such as deflation or a change of position of the implant. 

 º How long should I wait to reassume exercise and other exhausting activities after implant surgery?  

-Recovery / Activities / Exercise 

 Your doctor will be your best guide to determining how long would need to remain off work and will advise you when it can resume your activities and as it should. The recovery period varies from one woman to another. Usually, the first few days are the most uncomfortable. The average time to return to full activities is four to six weeks. It is important to protect the incision from sweat while it is healing. Restrict activity and tanning until the incision is healed and closed. Avoid excessive activities too soon, especially from the upper body. Let your body rest and heal. The idea is to minimize swelling around the implant.  

º Can I go to a tanning salon or sunbathing if I have implants?  

-Tanning Salon / sunbathing 

Tanning salons or sunbathing is not negative to the implant , But it may accentuate scars. You Should avoid sunbathing or tanning rays on the incisions for at least one year after surgery as these rays darken the incisions permanently. The implant may feel warm and may take more than your body to cool down. 

º When Can I fly or dive? 

-Flight / Diving  

 Many women with implants dive or fly in airplanes. There may be a slight expansion and contraction of the shell with the changes in pressure, which can have as consequence the generation of a small amount of air bubbles in the implant. You may feel or hear fluid sounds (gurgling) in both, gel and saline implants, but this should disappear between 24 to 48 hours. 

º When can I go back to wearing underwire bra?  

-Underwire Bra 

 Most doctors advise to waiting 3 months after implant surgery before returning to take hold with underwire bra. Your body will be forming scar tissue around the implant for 3 months. During this time the pressure of the wires could cause the scar tissue to form in such a way that the marks of the wires could become permanent. After this initial period of healing, the underwire bras should be worn intermittently to avoid permanent marks.  

° Will my breast continue moving as normal breast? 

-Breast movement 

  This depends on multiple factors such as the type of implant you receive, the pocket dissection, the way your body holds the implant and whether or not there is any degree of capsular contracture. For many women may have breast implants that are soft and move gracefully, while others get firmer results with an implant more fixed in terms of position.  

º How much does the implant weighs?  

-Implant weight 

  The weight of the implant varies with the size and fill volume. An 250 cc implant filled with  250 cc of gel weighs approximately 250 grams. 


º Will the breast implants produce stretch marks?  

- Stretch marks   

Insertion of implants can cause marks or stretch marks but it rarely does. If this is a concern, choose a smaller implant size to minimize the skin, or choose an adjustable implant to slowly stretch the skin over time. Likewise, it is very important to provide a skin care habit. Practices as not removing makeup, heavy drinking, eating many industrial products, sugar and fat excesses, sun exposure without protection and at inappropriate times, in addition to smoking, they should be avoided to the maximum as a preventive measure.  


º Which are the smoking effect during the healing process after surgery?   

-Smoking Effects   

Smoking causes blood vessels to constrict, reducing blood flow and oxygen carried by the blood to the surgical area. The tissues need this blood supply as well as the blood carries oxygen to be cured. When the blood supply is reduced, tissue take longer to heal. The time that patients should be without smoking before and after surgery varies according to the doctor, from five weeks before and after, to one to two weeks before and after. Ask your doctor how long does he/she want you to quit smoking before and after the intervention.  

º  Does the nipple will lose sensitivity?   

- Nipple tenderness  

There could be change in nipple sensation after implant placement. Nipple and breast sensibility can increase or decrease. The magnitude of change varies from no feeling to intense sensitivity and can be temporary or permanent.  

º  Should I be at my ideal weight before I have a breast implant procedure?  

-Gain or weight loss 

 It should be close to your ideal weight. A significant loss of weight after receiving breast implants could alter the results in an unsatisfactory way for you. Could be some "drooping" and a reduction in size. A significant gain weight could cause a breast size increase.  

º  I have more than 50 years. Do have too many years to receive a breast implant? 

- Age 

 What really matters is not the age but be in good general health.  

° What will happen during pregnancy? 

- Pregnancy 

  Every woman is different and therefore has different results whether before or after pregnancy. Her chest increase in size and go through all the usual pregnancy associated changes. The increase will vary from woman to woman and the size of the implants there will also be taken in consideration in this process.  

° Will I be able to breastfeed? 

- Lactation 

  Many women with breast implants have successfully breast fed their babies. Current studies indicate that women with breast implants either gel or saline, do not have higher levels of silicone in their milk than women without breast implants. Breast implants can, however, interfere with the ability of some women to breastfeed their babies. The incision that can affect this ability i the periareolar. Some women experience mastitis, that is, inflammation of the breast ducts, during this time, which can also cause capsular contracture. Taking antibiotics when symptoms first appear may minimize the possibility that this problem exists. Any sign of inflammation should be reported to your doctor.

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