Breast Implant Sizing Techniques


A recent survey published in journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has suggested that the most commonly used breast implant size range was 300-350 cc, or about 10-12 fluid oz.

A good number of patients are too caught up in the issue of breast implant size without realizing that it is just one of the many aspects that contribute to the final appearance.

The implant width, shape, profile (or forward projection), and placement (under vs. over the muscle) will also have a large influence on the final size and overall appearance.

The patient’s underlying anatomies such as soft tissue coverage, breast and chest measurement, and overall body frame will also have their own impact. Together with the patient’s cosmetic goals, these aforementioned anatomical features must also be taken into account when planning the surgery.

It is important to deliver the desired breast size after surgery since size dissatisfaction is one of the most common reasons for revision breast augmentation. According to a 2013 survey that “quantified” patient satisfaction rate, 13 percent of the respondents would have preferred a larger size, while 2 percent would want a smaller “cup.”

All efforts must be done to help the patients express their cosmetic goals, including the breast size and look they want to achieve from their surgery. However, the differences in semantics used by surgeons and patients can pose some challenges. For instance, the term “natural looking” may have a different meaning to both parties.

Several modalities are used to help and guide patients decide not just on their size, but also on the final look of their breasts. Examples include rice test, 3D imaging technology, and breast implant sizers. Even the surgeon’s photo gallery of his previous patients can be of great help.

Some doctors prefer breast implant sizers, while others swear by the effectiveness of 3D imaging technology in improving communications with their patients. Regardless of the preferred modality, a prudent surgeon should give every possible opportunity to promote open and honest discussion.
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