Brazilian Butt Lift



Buttock augmentation (also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift) is a procedure performed to enhance the shape of a flat or poorly developed buttocks.  Buttock augmentation has become one of the most requested procedures at Aqua Plastic Surgery in Jupiter, Florida.

In the same fashion that many women will increase the size of their breasts for better proportion, many patients find that the size of their buttocks is inadequate for their figure. Many patients visit our office frustrated that no amount of diet and exercise will shape their rears in the way they desire. Now, the Brazilian Butt Lift is helping these women solve this once impossible problem! Our patients say their clothes fit better, they feel sexier, and their confidence levels are greatly improved with a fuller, shaped derriere!

One of the most significant contributors to buttocks shape is fat.

Liposculpture of the abdomen, hips or back alone can be beneficial to achieve a beautiful shape!

Now take that unwanted fat and process with our very special technique to be injected into the buttock muscle and deep fat just above it and…  produce THE ULTIMATE BUTTOCKS every woman wants and every man desires!


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