Brazilian Butt Lift and the Patient’s Input


The goal of Brazilian butt lift, or any other form of body contouring surgery, is to elicit a smile in a person.  For this reason I couldn’t emphasize more the importance of good rapport and honest communications between a doctor and his patient.

The quintessential goal of Brazilian butt lift is to reshape and augment the patient’s “behind” using her own fats.  However, this includes meticulous processes such as gentle liposuction to collect the donor fats, purification methods to increase the graft’s survival rate, and proper re-injection.

Despite the surgeons’ in-depth knowledge of the processes that lead to high survival rate of grafts, some patients remain dissatisfied with the results.  In this situation, one key factor might be missing in the equation: clear and honest communications with their doctors.

Aside from reshaping and augmenting the patient’s derriere, Brazilian butt lift also deals with changing body proportions based on the patients’ underlying anatomies and their personal preference as well.  For this reason both surgeons and patients must work together to promote clear and honest communication.

One of the most critical aspects is the shape.  Some patients request for an inverted heart butt contour, while others want the “bubble” look or the large “C.”  Many women also like to use the term natural-looking buttocks, which may have different interpretation or meaning. 

Another critical aspect is the surrounding area of the buttocks.  In many cases, the flanks, lower back, outer thigh, and/or legs are reshaped simultaneously via liposuction to further improve the butt cheek’s definition and projection.

Despite the growing use of 3D imaging technology in plastic surgery, which allows the patients to preview the likely results of their cosmetic surgery, the surgeons’ photo gallery—or before-and-after photos of their previous patients—can help a lot in improving communications between them.

Article by
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon