Benefits of Septoplasty Surgery Explained


          The benefits of septoplasty can be life changing, particularly to patients who suffer from significant airway obstruction.  Occasionally, this procedure is combined with rhinoplasty, or more commonly referred to as nose job. 

Nonetheless, septoplasty is almost always treated as a medically necessary procedure thus a good number of patients qualify for health insurance coverage.

Unlike nose job, septoplasty does not improve the outside appearance.  However, it does improve  breathing function and ultimately the patient’s quality of life.

I often post case studies involving septoplasty patients on my Snapchat account.  Basically, their septum, which is the wall between the nostrils, is curved almost resembling that of an “S.”  

One particular patient of mine has a severe case of deviated or curved septum that she couldn’t breathe normally as the right nostril was almost blocked completely.

It is important to immediately addressed breathing obstruction because it is closely linked to enlarged heart, or medically referred to as cardiomegaly.

During sleep, the heart needs to rest and must receive the right amount of oxygen.  However, severe nasal obstruction makes this impossible, thus the heart becomes overworked, leading to its enlargement (or even heart failure over time), hypertension, and pulmonary edema.

Other side effects of obstructed breathing include sleep apnea, chronic bleeding of nose, snoring, recurrent headaches, and sinus problems.

Aside from the patient’s deviated septum, her enlarged turbinates made the condition worse.  These are small projections on the side wall inside the nostrils that help moisturize and warm the air flowing through the nose.

The enlarged turbinates have accounted for about 90 percent of the obstruction on the right nostril.  For this reason, I removed them as well.

In addition, the deviated septum is removed completely before the mucosal lining covering it was positioned in the midline with the use of suturing techniques.

Article by
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon