Benefits of Liposuction Via Microcannulas


Liposuction via microcannulas, i.e., they are flexible hollowed tube with an outside diameter of 0.9-2.9 mm, provides remarkable benefits thus it has become one of my favorite body contouring surgeries.

·       Great at removing highly fibrous fats commonly found in the back and male breasts.

The introduction of microcannulas has made liposuction of the back and the male breasts possible.  These areas are notorious for their highly fibrous fat that treating them with large cannulas is difficult, if not impossible.

·       Liposuction via microcannulas provides smoother results.

Microcannulas remove smaller bits of fats, while large cannulas eliminate bigger chunks.  While the fat removal process becomes slightly longer, this is just a minor caveat because the long-term results tend to be smoother.

Simply put, microcannulas give surgeons more control and precision.

To further guarantee smooth results, the microcannulas must be moved back and forth precisely parallel to the skin.  In addition, there should be sufficient amounts of fat beneath the skin after surgery.

·       Microcannula liposuction reduces the risk of over-correction.

Over-correction or removing fats more than the intended amount can spell disaster.  Not only it can destroy the natural contours and valleys of the body, but it can also have detrimental effects on its function.  For instance, liposuction of the mons pubis (a common ancillary procedure of tummy tuck to achieve a smooth “transition”) that is performed too aggressive can make sexual intercourse painful.

·       Microcannulas result in better, more hidden scars.

Microcannulas entail smaller incisions, which further shrink as the patient moves forward to her recovery.  Furthermore, the reduced surgical trauma means there is lower risk of postop inflammatory hyperpigmentation, i.e., dark scars.

·       The recovery is perceived to be shorter.

Due to less surgical trauma, liposuction via microcannulas is believed to result in shorter downtime.  Nonetheless, the length of recovery depends on other factors such as the amount of removed fat, individual healing, ancillary procedures (e.g., tummy tuck), among others. 

Article by
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon