BBL for Apple Shape


A good number of patients asking for Brazilian butt lift or BBL desire for a more apple-shaped “behind,” which is believed to be the most feminine of the buttock silhouette.

The upside-down heart shape buttocks have sufficient fat distribution around the lower aspect of the butt cheeks and outer thighs, while the waistline appears tapered.

BBL is a good way to achieve a heart-shaped behind, or at least something close to it, because it accomplishes two important factors that contribute to this feminine contour: narrow the waistline through liposuction, and reshape and augment the buttock, particularly its lower and lower-lateral area (or the outer thigh).

The goal of BBL for apple shape is to create a more tapered look from the waistline to the lower aspect of the butt cheek.

In traditional liposuction, the excess fat is simply thrown away.  But in BBL, it is later used to augment and reshape the buttocks to achieve a set of specific cosmetic goals.  Of course, the “ideal execution” will also depend on the patient’s underlying anatomies, which include her body frame and its inherent shape, amount of viable donor fats, skin quality, among others.

To create a smooth waistline-butt junction, BBL for apple shape typically requires liposuction of the lower back and hip-flank area; this is particularly true for someone with “love handle” fats that may contribute to the H-shaped buttocks.

While H-shaped buttocks might be reshaped into something that closely resembles an upside down heart, sometimes the patient’s anatomy may undermine the amount of improvements.  For instances, narrowing the waist of someone with flared ribs and hips and short trunk via liposuction has its own limits.

After liposuction, the collected fat is purified to remove biomaterials; the idea is to only use the best and healthiest cells to achieve long-lasting results from BBL.

Aside from purification methods, the re-injection process is equally critical.  To achieve a more apple-shaped appearance, about 1/3 of the donor fat volume is injected into the outer thigh and the remaining is used to improve the buttock’s projection or how much it sticks out, especially its lower aspect.  (I have demonstrated this technique in one of my Snapchat videos).
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