Staying Beautiful on a Small Budget


Difficult economic times do not mean you have to give up on beauty. Here are some suggestions:

1. Switch to fewer skin care products.

Simplest thing would be to use a moisturizer with sunscreen in the morning and moisturizer like Aveeno at bedtime. Use Cetaphil to wash the face.

2. Rotate Botox Sites.

If you typically need Botox in many different areas like glabella, crows feet, forehead, then do not get them done all during the same visit. Do one site and come back in 2 months for the next and so on. This way none of the areas completely lose the Botox effect and you spread out your expense.

3. Shop Around for Botox and Filler.

Just like the consumer, the aesthetic physicians are dealing with the issues of bad economy.  Botox sales and Filler sales are common. Make sure you compare apples to apples and know the amount of Botox will be used and what is the policy on touch ups in case Botox does not work.

4. Be a Guinea Pig.

A lot of newer products are very safe and are being tested by physicians. Sign up for those treatments. A good example is Dysport, the new Botulinum Toxin similar to Botox. If your physician is starting to use it and wants to try it, negotiate a free trial.

5. Barter Services.

I bartered fillers with a patient for having her write professionally for my newsletters. Another patient I bartered fillers for getting her art work.

6. Bring Along Girlfriends.

Talk to your physician for doing a special night just for you and your girlfriends. Spread the word, bring around 5 to 10 people and get huge discounts.

7. Get Employment in a Plastic Surgery Office.

A lot of physicians give huge discounts or free beauty treatments to their employees. Get a job in one of these offices.

8. Be a Model for Seminars.

Some of the companies that arrange seminars for training physicians to inject Botox and Fillers are always looking for volunteers to be injected.

So, these are a few tips for those beautiful women who want to maintain their looks during these tough economic times.

Article by
Bedminster Facial Plastic Surgeon