Adam's Apple Reduction

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Adam's apple reduction (also called a tracheal shave) is a surgical procedure that involves shaving down the thyroid cartilage in the throat to make the shape appear more feminine. A small, horizontal incision is made in one of the folds of the skin, and usually results in very minimal scarring. Some patients choose to undergo vocal surgery at the same time, often as part of a series of gender reassignment surgeries

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48 Year Old Trans Woman - Boston, MA

I am a 48 year Trans woman. I wanted to reduce the size of my Adam's apple and the square cartilage at the bottom of my throat. Dr. Spiegel was highly recommended by my gender therapist for his outstanding surgical and stiching skills. The results are great and I am very happy. My throat is... READ MORE

Trachea Shave - Plano, TX

Dr. Raphael was great. I came in for my trachea shave consultation and thought why not ask about Facial feminization surgery since I was already there! he was honest, kind, warm, and didn't make me feel pressured into getting additional surgery. I was so pleased with him that I put the deposit... READ MORE

29-year-old Male - Bothell, WA

I was quite self-conscious about my pointy, prominent Adam's apple. I was impressed with the before/after pictures on Dr. Lamperti's website and decided to go with him. I felt very comfortable with him after the consultation. The procedure was a walk in the park (for me). I couldn't have wished... READ MORE

45 Year Old MTF Tracheal Shave Yay! Minneapolis, MN

I am a transitioning transgender woman and I have always disliked my protruding Adam's Apple. It was always a source of discomfort for me. It was the one of two procedures that I wanted to make sure that I got as I transitioned, the other being a hair transplant. I had an initial consult with... READ MORE

Revision of Rhinoplasty, Cheek Implants & Tracheal Shaving - Pasig City, Philippines

I had them all done at one go last january with one of the best rhinoplasty surgeon, hes one of the best in philippines and also in the world coz ive done my homework for a year b4 deciding to do it with him, its all done in local anaesthetic but u can hardly feel any pain at all during and... READ MORE

Happy with Trachea Shave by Dr. Spiegel - Chestnut Hill, MA

I decided to have trachea shave surgery to help me attain the look I desired. Any surgery is a scary proposition for me but this went smoothly and without any problems. The process from start to finish was simple and easy. I was treated with respect the whole time; by the doctor, his staff,... READ MORE

Tracheal Shave. Orange County, CA

I am a transgender mtf girl and growing up i could not stand the sight of my adams apple. I needed a tracheal shave to reduce the size of my adams apple feminizing my facial features. I felt that this would make it less likely that i would be thought of as masculine or male whenevet i was out in... READ MORE

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