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How Do I Get Rid of Swelling on my Face After Taking Oratane 50 Mg for 2 Months?

I've been off Oratane for 2 weeks now. I only took it for 2 months. My daily dose was 50mg according to my weight which is 53 kg. I left it mainly... READ MORE

i am on accutane and have swollen lymph nodes, one near my ear, and one under each jaw. Is it normal?

Should i be worried, should i stop accutane, my throat feels sore, maybe my lymph nodes are swelling cuz of tonsils, i didnt eat medicines i dont... READ MORE

Has Accutane caused my face to swell?

I started to notice the facial swelling the 2nd month in of my course. My cheeks were puffy, and my jawline had no definition. Lymph nodes in my neck... READ MORE

Accutane After Revision Rhinoplasty for Thick Skin?

I just had a revision rhinoplasty 6 months ago and he reshaped my own cartilage to give me more structure, but he did mention that my problem was my... READ MORE

Does the consumption of a single ' tretin-ISO' 20 mg capsule produce side effects?

I just had a single tretin ISO 20 mg capsule last night. However, observing swelling of my eyes and drying up of lips, i have decided to discontinue... READ MORE

How long would rolling scars, box scars and acne scars take to fade away without lasering or microdermabrasion?

I took accutane about a year ago and had a rare breakout with major swelling and cystic acne. My derm took me off accutane and its a year later and im... READ MORE

Does Accutane Reduce the Swelling in Rhinophyma or Does It Treat the Acne Alone? (photo)

How long does it take accutane to show the results? If the swelling doesnt reduce, will steroid injections be helpful? READ MORE

I've been using Accutane for two weeks and my lips are swelling. Is this a side-effect of Accutane?

Hi, i have been on accutine for about 2 weeks now and my lips seem to be swelling and are numb ,could this be a side effect of using accutine? READ MORE

Is it normal for my face to swell while on accutane?

Im on accutane for about one month at 50 mg /day my chin and lower face seems to be looking alot more 'fat' and my jawline is rounded is that normal... READ MORE

I had a reaction to Accutane and I need help. Any suggestions?

I began taking it at the beginning of April I was started on 2 40 mg a day. After a month and 1/2 my lips puffed until they were touching my nose. I... READ MORE

My skin is hurting, what can help with pain on Accutane?

Hello, thank you for reading my question. First of all, I am 7 weeks into accutane, 30mg twice a day. My face is currently revealing 2 soft, rolling... READ MORE

How to treat new cysts while on Accutane since I can't pop them?

I'm two weeks into accutane and I know it's supposed to get worse before better but the new cysts I'm getting on my cheeks are very painful and... READ MORE

I used to be taking this medicine called doxycycline prescribe from a family doctor. Any suggestions? (photos)

However I have stop it and I have been taking oretane for 1 week plus And my face swells, painful and acne became more and worse. Is this normal?... READ MORE

Swelling and pimples around my nails taking "Accutane", what can I do????? (photos)

Hello Doctors, I'm taking Accutane 20 mg for 6 months and two weeks, and there are almost a week I have swelling and pimples around my nails and it's... READ MORE

Will cortisone shots for acne cause scarring while on isotretinoin?

I see quite a few posts that mention getting cortisone injections for acne cysts while on accutane. I've been taking 40mg of Claravis for the past 3.5... READ MORE

Finger swelling with second course of Accutane, is this normal?

Hey ,Iam in 2nd week of accutane and start ti notic finger swelling my dose is 60 ,weight 65 and this my second course ,my acne is mild and ihave... READ MORE

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