Surgery + Accutane

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Arthroscopic Knee Surgery & Accutane

I am having arthroscopic knee surgery in 3 weeks to remove a piece of torn meniscus. I am currently on accutane – should I stop taking it? READ MORE

I Have Been on Claravis (accutane) for 6weeks, if I Stop Now Can I Have Rhinoplasty Sept 14? (photo)

Help!!! I have been wanting the Rhinoplasty for years and didn't know this would/could be an issue!? READ MORE

Surgery while on Accutane? How long should you wait after Accutane treatment to have surgery?

I haven't looked into this at all so I have no idea if this is something that could even be considered. READ MORE

After Low-dose Accutane for a Few Months, is Otoplasty Safe?

I've been on low dose accutane for several months, ranging from 10-20 mg daily, and have recently cut down to 5mg/day. I'm scheduled for... READ MORE

Is it safe to have surgery while on accutane?

I am on my 5th month of 30mg accutane, and I am thinking of having a tailors bunion surgery, would it be okay or should I wait until my course is... READ MORE

When should i stop using Accutane Before Surgery?

 And How will it be Bad if i Go to the Surgery.Both important to me .Thank You (i have 10 days before my surgery :(I have Inguinal Hernia Surgery... READ MORE

If I stopped Accutane after only 2-months, do I still have to wait 6 months for surgery, etc.?

I finished my first 6-month course of Accutane about a year ago, but recently decided to get back on it because my skin was starting to breakout again... READ MORE

How long can I take Accutane after nose surgery?

Hi doctors how long can I take accutane after nose surgery? My surgeon says after 2 weeks ? I hate my skin wan to go on it as soon as possible , it's... READ MORE

If I'm only on 40mg of Accutane a week, how long do I have to wait before I have evasive surgery?

I intend to have Labiaplasty in the future and was wondering how long should I wait before I have the surgery and what time frame should I wait before... READ MORE

Accutane and shoulder surgery?

I had arthroscopic shoulder surgery December 2014. I will be starting Accutane may 2015. Do you see any issues with this (i.e. slowed healing of the... READ MORE

Can I use accutane (isotretinoin) when I have my TT and BL /BA?

I'm having surgery in August and my dermatologist recommended isotretinoin to treat my acne (I have severe acne) but I was wondering if it's ok to be... READ MORE

How long does it take Accutane to leave your system after 13 days of taking it?

I am on Accutane 40mg daily and I have to be off of it for an upcoming surgery in mid-August. I have been taking it for 13 days, and I have stopped... READ MORE

Is it ok to take accutane after doing lasik/PRK? How long do I need to wait after having lasik to start taking accutane?

I did PRK on november 2015 and then now I want to start takung accutane because my acne is uncontrollable and my face is producing too much oil, is it... READ MORE

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