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Can Accutane Be Taken on an Empty Stomach?

My doctor said that accutane can be taken with empty stomach even though I read on the medication guide that oral absorption of isotretinoin is... READ MORE

Does Accutane Cause Sharp Stomach Pain and Digestive Issues?

I have been on Accutane for just over two months and is experiencing severe stomach pain on the left of my belly. Everytime I eat something my stomach... READ MORE

Stomach pains from Accutane?

Severe stomach pains ... believe from taking the drug accutane ... (have had for 30 years) - anything to take to eliminate the pain ... pain lessens... READ MORE

Im Wanting to Start Using Accutane but Im Scared About the Side Effects. What's Your Opinion?

I'm prone to having bad stomach issues with medicine so im just worried. If I just get sick for a day or 2 that's fine but if I'm going to... READ MORE

I've had severe cystic body and facial acne for 15 years. Is accutane an option for me?

I've been breaking out on my face, neck, ears, back, chest, all the way down to my stomach and the top of my buttocks since I was 11. I'm now 26. I've... READ MORE

Does Isotretinoin treatment work on the belly/stomach?

I have acne on my belly. My skin gets dry from the treatment on my lips, face, upper arms and upper back. Not on my belly where my acne is, and the... READ MORE

Facing Accutane side effects

Dear Doctor! Its my third month on accutane acne has greatly decreased but now I have facing stomach pain and a lot of gas ...also gas bloating... READ MORE

Getting an abortion on accutane. Will my future babies be safe?

I used accutane for a week and had to stop because my stomach hurt too much. I then discovered (7 weeks after my last period) I was pregnant. I live... READ MORE

Experiencing light stomach discomfort as well as stomach noises (gurgling and rumbling) on accutane. Is it normal?

I've been taking 40mg of accutane twice a day for 5 weeks now. This is my 2nd course. I noticed stomach noises within the first week of starting this... READ MORE

Can I use accutane (isotretinoin) when I have my TT and BL /BA?

I'm having surgery in August and my dermatologist recommended isotretinoin to treat my acne (I have severe acne) but I was wondering if it's ok to be... READ MORE

Extreme acne all over my body - 5 months on accutane.

I've taken accutane (the generic "absorbica") for the reccomended 5 months, and my face looks great. However, it did the opposite for the rest of my... READ MORE

Accutane Rash or what?? (photos)

Hey got these bumps and crap popping up on hands and stomach after starting accutane been on it for a month started happening about 3weeks in normal... READ MORE

Started taking Accutane about 10 days ago (started with 20mg). This is my second time on accutane. Any suggestions?

I took it 5 years ago but my acne has come back about two years ago and went back on it. For the last 3-4 days i get some bad stomach pain mostly... READ MORE

I am feeling some pains low left of my stomach. This is the third time that I do Accutane therapy. 20mg a day

I am taking Accutane for the third time and I am currently in the sixth month of my therapy. Nothing wrong until now. I started to feel some pains on... READ MORE

Starting Accutane on a sensitive stomach - EO's and Vitamins OK?

I'm starting accutane in one month. My stomach is already sensitive so I am virtually dairy and wheat-free, eat lots of fruits and veggies, and drink... READ MORE

Just started third month of 20 mg of Roaccutane and had tummy pains for the last few weeks.

Is it down to the pills and do I need to worry? Thanks in advance. READ MORE

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