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Headaches, Heel Pain, Blurry Vision; Should I Stop Taking Accutane?

I have been taking accutane for almost 2 months now. First 2 weeks i experienced a mild headche but it went away with Tylenol, then i was good until i... READ MORE

I'm on Accutane and I Get Really Bad Head Aches. What Kind of Medicine Could I Take to Help with That?

I know that some medicine you cannot take with Accutane. I take Ibuprofen sometimes, my dermatologist said thats OK, but it doesn't always get rid of... READ MORE

Should I Be Worried About the Headaches I'm Having on Accutane?

I've been on Accutane 6 weeks. I had some headaches in the beginning, but they went away with ibuprofen. My doctor lowered my dose from alternating... READ MORE

What are some side-effects to expect while on Accutane/Roaccutan?

So I started Roaccutane about 5 days ago and i have been experiencing some side effects like dry skin, lower back aches, some muscle aches in my leg,... READ MORE

Can I take Panadol while on accutane?

Hello, so far I am on day 4 of 20mg/day. I got a bad headache on day 3 and still have a slight headache on day 4. Is it ok to take panadol while on... READ MORE

My eyes started to dry up on the third day of Accutane treatment. They still sting and are red. Could this be permanent?

Hi, I started a course of Accutane recently for facial acne. On the 3rd day started drying up as expected lips,nose ect but my eyes also dried up... READ MORE

I experienced headaches, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting. Should I be worried?

Day 3 on roaccutane. I take 3 of the 20mg and 1 of the 10mg daily. Today I experienced headaches with a pain of 7 out of 10, blurred vision, nausea... READ MORE

No side effects yet

It's been my second week of accutane and I haven 't experienced any side effects. I get headache but I used to get headaches often before I was on... READ MORE

Should we continue with Claravis?

My son is 15 he's and been taking claravis the first month 40mg then the doctor increase for the second month to 60mg, two pills of 30mg a day, he... READ MORE

Increased Headaches--could Be Related to Accutane?

I just started 10mg of accutane about two weeks ago. I'm already quite headache-prone, but my headaches seem to have increased from two or three a... READ MORE

Permanent headache when on Accutane 10mg, what to do?

I was 5 days on Roacctuane 10mg when I started having headaches, they were not painful, but more like pressure all over my head. After 2 days of this... READ MORE

Isotretinoin - No Results!

It has been 3 months since I've been on FRE AC (Isotretinoin 20mg-I take 2 capsules every day as prescribed by my dermatologist). It has been 2... READ MORE

Persistent Headache on Accutane for 3-4 weeks on my 4th month with a dose of 60 mg, weight 70 kg.

When headaches started, I stopped accutane for 3-4 days and the headaches disappeared. This fact as well as the fact that I didn't actually had... READ MORE

My son has been on Accutane for 2 months now but the side effects are really severe. Should he stop or hang in there? (Photo)

Besides the common dry lips, cracked skin. He has nose bleeds at least 2x a week and vomits at least once a week. He complains of headaches and... READ MORE

Am in my 2nd week of roaccutane 50mg. Just 3days ago I have started experiencing frontal headache. Can I use pain medication?

I have been somehow exposed to the sun for the past 3days due to the fact am shifting to a new place...could the headache be as a result of exposure... READ MORE

I'm on Roaccutane 10mg. Have had headache for 3 days but no vision loss,vomiting or nausea. I've been on in for 4 days, concern?

Only been on it for 4 days but have had mild headache since the day after. I have not experienced any blurred vision or vomiting or nausea at all.... READ MORE

Headache continues after taking Accutane. What should I do?

In the first few days of taking Accutane, I started to get really bad headaches in the back of my skull to the point where it was difficult to focus.... READ MORE

Is this normal with Accutane/Eprius?

Hi, I'm on 40mg of Eprius a day. This is my first week and I haven't experienced any side effects (no dryness, no breakout). The only thing I think... READ MORE

Wondering if the blurred vision, headache she sustained today were caused by Absorica?

My 12 year old has been taking 30 mg of Absorica for 20 days. She is experiencing what appears to be loss of pigmentation (white spots) on back over... READ MORE

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