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Manual Exfoliants While on Low Dose Accutane?

Is it okay to use manual exfoliants while on low dose Accutane? I know it's generally not advised, but if the person is generally reacting well to... READ MORE

Daily Chemical Exfoliation While on Accutane?

I have very oily skin with enlarged pores, blackheads, and moderate acne. I currently control the acne and blackheads with an antibacterial facewash... READ MORE

How Long To Wait Before Using Origins Scrub After Acctutane?

I have just finished a 6 month second course of 20mg of raaccutane(my first course was 50mg)and was wondering how long after the course can I start to... READ MORE

Exfoliating Skin 1 Year After Accutane?

I finished my second course of accutane In December 2011 and is it safe to use "Origins Modern Friction" exfoliator? On the origins website it says... READ MORE

If I already know my skin is too sensitive for lasers, peels, or retin-A is there anything that could ever improve my texture?

I over-exfoliate so much as a teen on top of having constant inflammation and acne that I did not treat properly. I now have scar-prone skin that... READ MORE

Is there a way to treat a chemical burn on facial skin (over a decade ago) due to usage of a topical fatty ointment (nerisone)?

Experienced skin irritation after a 4month course of roacutane while using exfoliating face wash. Skin was very sensitive. Used nerisone fatty... READ MORE

Squeezing and Using Mild Exfoliants While on Accutane?

Hi there, I'm two days into a 6 month course of Accutane and wondering about how to zap the zits that may come out in the next couple of months... READ MORE

Can I get a facial whilst using accutane?

The facial includes not mechanical exfoliation or clearing procedures. it involves cleansing, mask, massage and moisturiser. is this ok? READ MORE

Exfoliating chelitis caused by Accutane. Any suggestions?

Ive been taking Myorisan 40mg for 4 1/2 months. Recently I have developed exfoliating chelitis. My lips are extremely red (looks like im wearing red... READ MORE

Relief for very chapped Accutane lips.

This is my third week of 40 mg Accutane. I'm a 39 year old African American female. So far the Accutane has been working amazingly. I have a charity... READ MORE

Whitening and exfoliating cream while on isotretinoin course?

I'm on week 8 of my isotretinoin course, my doctor prescribed me a whitening and exfoliating cream to unify my skin color and get red of acne... READ MORE

inner thighs peeling while on accutane. (photo)

Hello .... i am on a 40m of Accutane per day and i have a really dark inner thighs so i bought a whiting kit from a website. My question is can i use... READ MORE

Gentle skin vacuum exfoliation on accutane?

I´m on my 5th month of accutane (20mg, daily) and I would like to know if it is safe to get a facial involving a gentle Vacuum Suction (no crystals ... READ MORE

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