How Long To Wait Before Using Origins Scrub After Acctutane?

I have just finished a 6 month second course of 20mg of raaccutane(my first course was 50mg)and was wondering how long after the course can I start to use "Origins Modern Friction" exfoliator? Can I also have your opinion on this particular scrub and brand?

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Scrubbing after Accutane

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I don't recommend my patients ever "scrub" their faces, so my answer to this question is probably never. Most exfoliators actually dry the skin out more and strip it of essential oils. Your skin should already be producing less oils after Accutane so using this product could make it even worse, aggravated, and irritated. Consult the physician who gave you your Accutane for his or her take, but I'd say don't use it and get rid of it!

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