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When Will I See Improvement from Accutane?

I'm currently in my 6th week of a 4-month course of Accutane 60 mg. I was wondering, when I will be seeing some sort of an improvement? I have a few... READ MORE

3 months post op RoAccutane, my acne is worsening. Is this normal? (photos)

I am 20 years old and started Accuatane (50mg daily) for my moderate chronic acne that i got in college. I am 3 MONTHS in and so far my acne is... READ MORE

Nodules/cysts in the Skin?

When I first stared accutane I had a bad flare up with lots of nodules/cysts, my derm put me on prednisone and antibiotcs for 1 mouth , now 90% of my... READ MORE

Can Accutane heal the inflammation and redness? (photos)

Hey, so this is what I was referring to in my last post. This area is very hot and inflamed, with a couple of cysts and pimples in the mix, (as well... READ MORE

I Have Occasional Acne and Clogged Pores, My Doc Wants to Put Me on Accutane?

Hey, i have occasional acne , cysts specially during the time of the month..or sometimes lack of sleep. I just turned 20, and recently faced some... READ MORE

About a week into Accutane. Can someone please tell me why I keep discovering more and more icepick scars everyday?

Okay, so I am about a week into accutane currently. Can someone please tell me why I keep discovering more and more icepick scars everyday? also, will... READ MORE

When to Start Worrying About Acne After Accutane (1st Course)?

Hi, I had severe acne for about 3 months before i was prescribed 80mg of accutane a day for 6 months. I was clear after 3.5 months and when I finished... READ MORE

Can I take azythromycin with isotretinoin on dose 60 mg a day?

I'm at the beginning of month 2 on isotretinoin and the doctor increased my dose to 60 mg "i was on 40" the problem is that i have a very resistant... READ MORE

I have taken isotretinoin 10mg for a week. Can I stop it without having a negative effect on my skin ?

I have got two nodular cysts on both sides of my cheeks near the nose. i started applying local ointment and took 10mg isotretinoin for a week, but i... READ MORE

Is it necessary to go a full 6 months on 2nd round of Isotretinoin? Can I get away with 4 months w/out it flaring up again?

I'm 29 1st round of Isotretinoin when 14-15 Tried a 2nd round when I was 18, stopped after a week b/c I couldn't stand the dryness (skin managed to... READ MORE

I'm 15 and Have "Ance" I Get Occasional Cystic Ones But I Have a Lot of Blackheads & I Get Really Oily. Will Birth Control Help?

My face isn't that bad. But I do get quit a few and they never seem to ever go away. And I'm on antibotics. READ MORE

What causes a hair loss on Accutane?

Hi, I am currently on 30mg daily, this is my second month, I don't really have many side effects, the only one which bothers me (naturally :-) ) is my... READ MORE

How can I treat cysts under the skin? They're not visible, and painless.

There have been NO new cysts on my face but there are still 10 cysts around my jaw line, all of them were there before I started the course. They... READ MORE

Cyst excision while on accutane? (photo)

I have a cyst that keep getting infected and already have 4 cortisone shot administer to it which will only bring the swelling down temporary. I am... READ MORE

How to get rid of microcysts on my face?

I have tons of microcysts on my face. I took Accutane for a year and my face cleared up...but they are back! What can I do knowing that I cannot take... READ MORE

Should I continue Accutane?

I have been on Accutane 40 mg once, everyday for about two months. It made me breakout really bad, which I know is supposed to happen. It created... READ MORE

Still breaking out at the end of month 4. Does this mean Accutane isn't working for me?

In the last week of my fourth month and still getting a breakout every week. 20mg month1 40g since. Weight 45kg.I had a terrible initial breakout-... READ MORE

30 yr old male taking accutane but is this really ACNE? (photo)

Took accutane when i was a teen and it cured cysts on my nose and cheeks. I would still get huge bumps on my chin through the years but they never... READ MORE

I'm on reaccutane 4 months 20 ml and take the birth control pill. What is my vaginas problem?

I'm on reaccutane 4 months 20 ml and take the birth control pill yaz.. had chlamydia a few months ago, then a vaginal fungal infection like candida,... READ MORE

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