Anxiety + Accutane

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Can Accutane Be Prescribed to People with Depression/anxiety?

Would a dermatologist prescribe Accutane to someone with mild depression/anxiety? Does Accutane worsen the depression/anxiety symptoms? READ MORE

Does Accutane Cause/aggravate Anxiety?

I sometimes have mild anxiety for a hour or two a day for no reason and I would wondering if Accutane will aggravate this and make it worse? READ MORE

OK to Take Cymbalta While on Accutane?

Is it ok to be taking Cymbalta to treat my anxiety while on Accutane? I know sometimes Accutane can be associated with causing depression. I'm... READ MORE

Is Accutane actually safe for teenagers with a history of depression and anxiety?

My 16 year old son has struggled with moderate/severe acne for 2 yrs. The older he gets, the worse it gets. He uses 2 topicals and has used oral... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Use Accutane?

I am diagnosed with both depression and anxiety; however, my acne just makes everything worse. My dermatologist suggested that I start the Accutane... READ MORE

Can You Stop Taking Accutane when the Side Effets Are Too Dangerous for the Mental Health?

My friend has depression and anxiety, so I want to know if she could stop anytime when it becomes too dangerous. Thanks. READ MORE

Can I Take Anxiety Aid Medicine with Roaccutane?

Hi im on oratane(roaccutane) and im willing to take a medicine called anxiety aid from (TOTTALY NATURAL) can i take it with roaccutane? or does it... READ MORE

Accutane causing symptoms or anxiety. Is this just anxiety or am I having an anaphylactic reaction?

I have just started a course of accutane at 20mg a day (I'm an 85kg male). I've been incredibly anxious about my skin of late, as I'm coming off the... READ MORE

On Accutane and feeling some anxiety. Any suggestions?

I have had anxiety and panic attacks since I was sixteen. I currently take Cymbalta for it. I am a severe case without cymbalta I can not function I... READ MORE

Feeling anxiety depression and stress from my accutane prescription what should I do for work?

Hello I'm just wondering I started taking accutane and I'm working away from home without friends and family and girl friend, I notice I feel really... READ MORE

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