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Can I Take Isoface-Isotretinoin Forever?

I'm a female 39 yrs old, I've been taking Isoface for about 2 years now. At age 23 a dermatologist prescribed Roaccutane. I had to stop taking it... READ MORE

Second Round Accutane. First Round Caused Me to Sweat More. Will Another Round Make It Worse?

I was on Accutane 2 years ago and my acne came back just as bad. The only side effect I have is I sweat a lot more when its hot out or exercising.... READ MORE

Will the red marks left from acne while on accutane ever go away?

It has been 2 years now and I still have red marks from the acne I got while I was on accutane. Some redness and a few marks have faded but it is... READ MORE

I used Accutane 2 yrs ago 20 mg for 3 months. I am 48 kg. Just now acne appeared again so do I need a second course?

Is that dose was enough for me? . And the breakout of the second course could be as severe as the first course? . Now i have no too much pimples but i... READ MORE

I used accutane 20 mg for 3 months for wt 48 kg 2 yrs ago. Now I have acne again. Do I need another course of accutane? (Photo)

I asked my question 2 days before but without supmiting photos .. i used 20 mg once per day for 3 months my wt 48 kg and my face was clear for 2 yrs... READ MORE

Acne Scars After Accutane. What is a Realistic Treatment? (photo)

I have been off Accutane for close to two years now and have been left with some acne scars on my face. I was wondering realistically speaking which... READ MORE

Stopping Isotretinion 20mg after 2 years. No signs of acne from 6months, will acne return? Will sweating stop?

I was in treatment of "Isotretinoin 20mg" for about 2 years and my acne got cleared 6 months before itself and no signs of acne as per now, but i... READ MORE

I'm 2 years post accutane. How can I fix the dryness on my face, rosacea and chapped lips?

I finished Accutane about two years ago and last year was diagnosed with Rosacea. My skin is sensitive and does not retain moisture; my lips are... READ MORE

Low dose isotretinion used long term, is there any chance of developing hyperstosis on this dosage?

I have been on low dose isotretinion for 2.5 years for Sebacious Hyperplasia after failing with other treatments (I.e. lazer) I started on 20mg every... READ MORE

I did accutane two years ago for cystic acne. Skin was perfectly clear for about three months. Is 2nd round of accutane worth it

Then I gradually started to break out more and more until today--where i very obviously have an acne problem. Not as bad as I used to, but I have... READ MORE

My skin still very dry after 2 years from stopped Isotretinoin, how can I get my sebum back?

Iam 34 years old and 178 cm long I used isotretinoin 10mg for 3 month and 20mg for 3 month but my skin still very dry after more 2 years from stopped... READ MORE

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