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Acne is So Much Worse Day 17 on Accutane?

I know that before u get better u will get worse using accutane. Well I'm using 30mg/day I'm in the first mouth day 17 ,but my acne is so ,so much... READ MORE

2 weeks post op of Accutane, my face has gone terrible dry and flaky. What is the best moisturizer for sensitive skin?

I started Accutane about two weeks ago and my face has gone terribly dry and flaky. Now whenever I put lotion or foundation my face starts to sting... READ MORE

Should I Stop Taking Accutane? (photo)

This is how I look after 18 days of sotret 30mg/day,when I told my dermatologist on the phone the situation he told me to stop the accutane for 4-7... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of Swelling on my Face After Taking Oratane 50 Mg for 2 Months?

I've been off Oratane for 2 weeks now. I only took it for 2 months. My daily dose was 50mg according to my weight which is 53 kg. I left it mainly... READ MORE

Can a Moisturiser be Used on Oily Skin, While Using Roaccutane?

I'm currently using roaccutane for like nearly 2 weeks but my doctor has asked me to use a moisturiser and I don't won't to use because my face is... READ MORE

Can I have laser hair removal done if I have just started low dose Accutane?

I have just started with low dose Accutane (10mg/ day) 2 weeks ago. I haven't experienced many side effects as yet, except some flaking on my upper... READ MORE

Got Pregnant 2 Weeks After Stopping Taking Accutane (20mg/d for 8months). Child at Risk?

Been on 20mg/d accutane for 8 months. Last pill April 10. Last period started April 9th. Got pregnant around April 24-28. Child at risk? READ MORE

Should I take a second course?

Hello...i have been in a treatment with accoutane and i finished it two weeks ago and now has come the time that in my face there are showed up the... READ MORE

Is It a Must to Reach the Cumulative Dose in Order to Treat Acne?

I am a female , 46 kg , I started Accutane 2 weeks ago with a dose of 20mg ... The dr. said it'll take longer time to reach the cumulative dose ? he... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Curacne (Isotretinoin), I see no result. Any suggestions?

I am 27 years old and my dermatologist prescribed for me Curacne 40mg daily for 2 months to begin with before the follow up visit. I am going through... READ MORE

I'm only two weeks into Accutane (absorica) only on 20 mg. Is it safe to get a tattoo this soon into the treatment?

I am thinking of getting a tattoo within the next couple of days. I am not feeling any different yet since it is still really early but i wanted to... READ MORE

Accutane dosages; when should I expect to see more side effects?

I have been on accutane (Zenatane) for two weeks now on 40mg. I'm confused because I only take one pill a day but I've seen so many people say that... READ MORE

Acne and Accutane for 14 days, my face start to break out. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi im 23 female who suffered from acne since i was 16 i took accutane 20 fr 3 months one year ago my skin was clear until now all of sudden my face... READ MORE

Should I Be Expecting the Desired Results from Accutane Soon?

3/10/2013 So from what I've read from other questions, most start clearing up in months 2 or 3. I'm on Day 16 of 40mg/day and the side effects of dry... READ MORE

White Spots on Face from Accutane?

I have been on Accutane (Claravis) 30 mg once a day and I only took it for 15 days so far. Recently, I've noticed some white spots (spots lighter than... READ MORE

Tight Chest Feeling on Accutane After 11 Days (Began Around Day 8)?

Hi I am on 20mgs/day and have been taking accutane for 10days. The last few nights I have felt chest pains, or tightness of some sort (mostly... READ MORE

Accutane Absorption?

I have started accutane 2 weeks ago on a 40 mg dose, 1 pill (20 mg) twice a day. I take the morning pill after eating 5 dried dates. Would that cause... READ MORE

Achy Joints on my 14 Day of Accutane! Should I Stop?

It is my 14 day on accutane and I have really achy ankles. That's the most bothersome. But the rest of my joints feel different as well. They also pop... READ MORE

How can I get rid of dark spots while on Accutane?

I've been on 10mg accutane for about two weeks now and its doing me wonders. My typically very oily skin now looks fresh, my mild-severe acne (pimples... READ MORE

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