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Massive Hair Loss While on Accutane

I'm taking sotret for 2 months now, I have noticed the results quick, after the first week and my face is clear and smooth. What I am worried... READ MORE

Can You Use Topical Acne Medications While on Isotretinoin?

I am currently on month 3 of my second course of Isotretinoin. My skin is still oily, and I'm still getting acne break outs. Granted, they are less... READ MORE

Moderate to severe joint pain while on accutane- is it permanent?

I've been on accutane for 6 weeks at 60mg/day (112 lbs, 22y/o female). After the first month I only had lip and nose dryness. Now I am having... READ MORE

I Have Been on Isotretinoin for About 60 Days. Skin Responded Well to 10mg but with 20 I Have Acne, Redness and Hot Cheeks?

I have been on Isotretinoin sotret for 60 days.took 10 mg for 45 days &my skin responded well.became a lil dry, pimples went away, there was no... READ MORE

Should I Take Liver Support Supplements on Accutane?

I'm 110lbs and was just given 40mg Accutane from my GP (no derm in my area) I took it 8 years ago, it worked but I feel that it has affected my liver... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of Swelling on my Face After Taking Oratane 50 Mg for 2 Months?

I've been off Oratane for 2 weeks now. I only took it for 2 months. My daily dose was 50mg according to my weight which is 53 kg. I left it mainly... READ MORE

On Accutane for 5months. Stop?

I'm a 16yr old, weighing around 125lbs. I have been on Accutane for 30mg/day for the past 5months. Due to financial problems, my parents are calling... READ MORE

My Weight is 54kg - What is my Dose of Accutane?

Stop taking accutane 20mg once daily 3mths ago again break out of acne when should i start taking accutane second dose? and what should be the dose? READ MORE

I am 27, female, 50kg (110lbs). I took Accutane approx a year, daily dose of 20mg. Should I repeat the course?

After 6 months of stop small acne appear before my period should i repeat the course READ MORE

I started Accutane 5 days ago, I'm 113 lbs and my dosage is 20 mg. Is it too low ?

Also i have not experience any side effects yet. No dry lips or skin yet, is it normal? READ MORE

Am I allowed to take the Omega 3 oil supplement?

Hi there Im 110 lbs and on my second month of Roaccutane (40 mg a day), i would like to know if it is okay if i take the Omega3 fish oil ? and how... READ MORE

When to expect initial flare when starting Absorica?

I'm a 125 lb female and just took my first dose of 40mg daily Absorica. My derm expects to increase my dose after 30 days to 80mg. My cystic acne is... READ MORE

Is accutane 20 mg going to work for me? (photo)

I've been prescribed 20 mg per day and azithormycin from Friday to Sunday, im 5'2 and 50 kg. these photos are of me 2 weeks in, no major improvement,... READ MORE

Just started Accutane, will 20 mg/day work?

I am 20 year old girl turning 21in a month with moderate acne. I am about 158 cm tall and weigh 54 kg. My dermatologist told me that 20 mg is most... READ MORE

Accutane Effectiveness and Random Pimples?

22 yrs female 120 lbs 80mg/day This is my final month of accutane, and I'm pretty happy with the results, though my doctor doesn't seem as thrilled.... READ MORE

Should I Continue Taking Accutane? Severe Case in Accutane. (photo)

I've been taking accutane for 2 weeks. I'm on 30mg and weigh 115 pounds. I've stopped taking accutane and this is my 3rd week. My face was in so much... READ MORE

Is There Anything to Help with the Flushing?

I am not sure what a normal dosage cycle is, but I am 36, 5'5" and weigh 125lb. My doc prescribed 80mg out of the gate. I am experiencing intense... READ MORE

Joint Pains Side Effect from Accutane?

I'm a 120lb woman just starting my fourth month of Accutane. I've been bumped up to 80mg since 60mg wasn't working for me. I've been experiencing... READ MORE

First Day on Claravis and my Heart and Chest Feel Funny?

I'm fe. 43, 115lbs and I'm on my first day of Accutane/Claravis. I have struggled with adult acne for 10+ years now. I've tried just about every thing... READ MORE

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