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Like Botox, this injectable wrinkle eraser makes foreheads smooth, but XEOMIN doesn't require refrigeration. LEARN MORE ›

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After going to Dr. Patel's office, I was determined to get Botox for a clean, fresh and soft look on my face. When meeting the Dr. she offered an alternative product Xeomin, another form of Botox. Thinking about the reputation of the brand, Dr. Patel assured me that the product was parallel to... READ MORE

I never wanted to be the girl who was getting procedures done in my early twenties who looks like a wax figurine by the time I'm 40, but I had been noticing some unattractive forehead wrinkles that left some distinct lines even when my face was expressionless and I wanted to do something about... READ MORE

1st Day So far so good. I got a little anxious because I've only done Botox in the past so trying something new was scary. However, I trust the staff at where I go so I got 20 unit of Xeomin 8 in each 'crow feet' area, and 2 above each eye brow to raise them slightly as I just got 30 unit of... READ MORE

My kids kept asking me about the lines on my forehead and I was unhappy with the deep lines between my eyebrows. Dr. Bader helped address those concerns with Xeomin (product similar to Botox) and I couldn't be happier! I look less tired and still have a lot of expression in my face! I had no... READ MORE

Dr Joe and his staff are excellent. Professional, companionate and highly skilled. Dr Joe answered all my questions and put my mind at ease. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. The clinic offers a full menu of services and products with a wide variety of price points. I highly... READ MORE

I have tried Botox, Dysport and Xeomin. Nothing works for me like Xeomin. I have been given free Botox and had more than 50CCs injected into y head, but within weeks it is all gone. Dysport was not much better and of course, required more. Xeomin at 40CCs in my forehead has lasted 6 weeks... READ MORE

I was very hesitant at first since I'm afraid of needles. Dr Wright made feel so comfortable that I didn't feel any real pain. I felt only a few little pinches. I would absolutely have it done again. I plan on getting more procedures done with Dr Wright. She is very skilled & knowledgeable in... READ MORE

Dr wright is excellent I was extremely pleased with my results I feel a lot better about myself ...it made such a difference . The staff is very friendly and efficient and I will certainly be back for other procedures..i have received so many compliments from friends & family members...I... READ MORE

Once I reached my late 30's I started looking older than I felt. I developed 11's between my brows and unattractive lines across my forehead. I was very, very nervous about injectables, but I came to believe that was the best option. I met Dr. Wortham and he was kind, understanding (I'm on a... READ MORE

I love Dr lipschitz he is very formative and gentle. Wonderful kind man. I have been twice and will be continuing future visits! thank you to his also friendly staff ! There was no pain just extreme care and professionalism. I cant brag enough about this office and staff along with cleanliness... READ MORE

As a 31 year old female I've been on the fence about getting Botox or Xeomin, however, I started to notice that the "11's" in between my eyes kept getting more and more pronounced. I visited Dr. Dickerson and got my first shot at Xeomin and I have to say, I am a believer. I am so happy that I... READ MORE

Wanted to maintain a youthful look and opted for a neurotoxin solution with no down time. I went to the Chicago institute for plastic surgery, my injections were performed my Michelle, she took time to explain what was possible and suggest other products that may work for my desired outcome. ... READ MORE

I was a first timer to facial toxins. I got 20 units of botox in between my eyebrows and 20 units of Xeomin in my forehead. My glabella lines are already coming back a month an a half later but my forehead is still completely relaxed. I was so afraid to get injected but let me tell you, it is... READ MORE

Dr. Kinsley's office staff could not be nicer or more knowledgeable about the products and services I was interested in. Dr. Kinsley took the time to walk me through which product, ultimately Xeomin, would help me achieve the results I was looking for and why other products and procedures... READ MORE

Ever since I started getting Xeomin the lines on my forehead has started to diminish. I look forward to getting it every three to four month. The Chicago Institute of Plastic Surgery office is very professional and the person Michelle who performs my treatment is very knowledgeable in the... READ MORE

I have done prior Botox treatments and have had fillers before through my dermatologist. Though I was happy with the outcomes, I was charged a fixed amount per area and that started becoming expensive. The areas were the crow's eyes, forehead and glabella. I sometimes felt rushed although I... READ MORE

I wanted to have xeomin injected into my chin to relax the mentalis muscle after genioplasty and double jaw surgery with another doctor. The result of genioplasty and double jaw was amazing, but I had a square chin from swelling and the bone being moved. I did not appreciate Dr. Taghizadeh ... READ MORE

I having been going to Dr. Ort for several years for all of my dermatologist needs. I most recently went in for botox. Dr. Ort is very good at making sure he injects the right places to give you the best results. I am so pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend Dr. Ort and his fabulous... READ MORE

Dr Cody Koch from Koch Plastic Surgery is an amazing miracle worker. I've been going to Dr. Cody for several years and have always been pleased with my results. I inially went to Dr Cody for Botox, after several years of use the produce became less effective for me. Dr Cody consulted with me... READ MORE

I have been going to Dr. Ort's office for several years. He does an amazing job with injectables. I have been very happy with him and the office. He always takes time with you and makes sure that you look natural and will not overdo anything. If you aren't 100% satisfied, he wants you to... READ MORE

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