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Get information about tooth repair, see tooth repair pictures, and learn more from cosmetic dentists about repairing chipped teeth.

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Over time of being a severe tooth grinder, I was in much need of recreating my smile again. The dental staff at Soft Touch Dentristry has done that for me! I can't thank Sarah Thompson D.M.D. enough for painlessly restoring my smile! My confidence is back! The compassionate staff go above and... READ MORE

Many dentists present themselves as gentle, quality, and so on. Dr. Zadeh does not need to make these claims, because they have been the cornerstone of his practice for over 25 years. It's really difficult to find a good dentist who actually wants to help his patients. My cleaning and exam... READ MORE

I used to have dental problems from a really young age to the point that I was told I would not have any teeth by age 21. After being treated by Dr. Amidei, that is not the case anymore. I now smile with no fears. Every procedure done by Dr. Amidei and the help of his staff has always been... READ MORE

I went to see Dr Anthony Mobasser for a second opinion and his diagnosis was consistent with the previous dentist I saw before him. So I had my 2 cavities filled by him, not only was he very caring and gentle his dental block injections did not hurt one bit I did not feel them at all! That is... READ MORE

Dental Studio Spa is the best dental clinic ever!! Nowdays, it´s difficult to find a dental clinic where you can feel relax and they have that concept of SPA, where you actually do not think of pain from the moment you enter the door; they have the most beautiful premises, so relax and ... READ MORE

I called in because I had some intense pain during at trip out of town. They were able to fit me in that day. The support staff was very helpful and friendly and the Dr. was so nice! After some quick xrays I found out that I had an abscess underneath my crown. The Dr. suggested to have it taken... READ MORE

I felt extremely comforted and taken care of by Dr Greenhalgh and his staff. They were very personable and made sure to build in time for questions. I was very pleased with my treatment and they helped me make choices to be sensitive to my budget. The consultation was well worth it and something... READ MORE

I grew up being very cautious in choosing a Dentist. Once I became a parent and learned of the Dental School, where Dr. Arrington was in training, my family became one of his first clients and has remained a client throughout his practice. He's a charismatic man with high quality standards... READ MORE

I had my front tooth bonded from a chip. The chip really wasn't that big, and in hind sight I should have just had my regular dentist smooth it out, but it kept bothering me. After the dental bonding my bite was off and it seemed like the tooth was longer than the other one. After 4 months the... READ MORE

ABSOLUTELY THE BEST DENTIST IN LA! look no further. Dr Frey's expertise an competency is simply unparalelled. He is a GENUIS! I was about to loose most of my upper teeth due to an excess of Diet Coke Drinking and Dr Frey gave me all brand new teeth that totally blends in with my facial... READ MORE

This inept excuse for a dr went against my dentists order and pulled a tooth he just did a root canal on in preparation for a bridge. I now am missing both molars on right side bottom and can not chew for 6 months. I made him provide in writing he would give me implants for no charge and he is... READ MORE

Dr. Jonov performed a surgery on me in 2007 with devastating results. He took out my lower wisdom teeth in which both teeth were impacted. They were close to the nerves, so I told him if the teeth were too difficult to get out, to stop the surgery as I didn't want to risk nerve damage. Guess... READ MORE

Very efficient, people there are real nice and caring. did not feel a thing and after over 24 hours still feel no pain. Great Job!! He also personally called me to see how I was doing afterwards. I would recommend him to anyone. Had 3 assistants besides the doctor prepping me they worked well... READ MORE

The Torus are bones that grow outward in your gums along the tooth line. They can often be painful and can also be a food trap which is unhealthy for the gums. Mine were getting so large that I felt they were beginning to make my cheeks puff out. It was time to schedule an appointment with Dr.... READ MORE

Today I had four wisdom teeth removed at vantage dental... I was do scared going in to office. One because I had to be put to sleep and 2 pain after. I got there 15 minutes ahead of time filled out few piece patient release information. After that was called back to do xray and speak with nurse... READ MORE

Dr. Julian Hirst recently extracted my wisdom teeth at the Chermside Day Hospital. With my dentist phobia, I was extremely anxious prior to surgery. After consulting with Julian however, he put my mind to rest by thoroughly investigating all causes for concern - which greatly differed to a... READ MORE

5 STARS ACROSS THE BOARD!! I flew in all the way from Seattle to see Dr. Silverman and his wonderful staff. Every time I come here, I am treated like royalty. Customer service is excellent from the time of the appointment all the way through to the end of the office visit. I received fillings... READ MORE

I was grinding my teeth in my sleep; when I would wake up, I would have terrible headaches. I ended up getting a bite guard. It was a little pricey; however, it was totally worth it. I sleep better, and I no longer get headaches. Now, in addition to cleaning my bite guard every morning myself, I... READ MORE

I have always been afraid of going to the Dentist ever since I was a child. Drs. Rich & Lacy Gilbert really took the time to make me feel comfortable, keeping in mind my hesitations. I have never been to a practice that puts so much care into their patient's needs. I was absolutely amazed with... READ MORE

Quick and easy. Still healing but so far so good. Hour and a half and back home. Dr. Dorfman is great at what he does - did my daughter's wisdom teeth extraction a few years back. He is personable - even called that night, yes HE, not the assistant - to see how my son was doing. I would highly... READ MORE

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How much does Tooth Repair cost?

The typical cost for Tooth Repair ranges from $85-$18,000 with an average cost of $2,025. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 22 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more