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Smartlipo MPX is a specific brand of laser lipo treatment that uses two different wavelengths for body contouring.

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Just Had Smartlipo MPX Done on Multiple Areas

I am a female in my mid-20s, 5'6" and 140 pounds. I had smartlipo performed on my upper and lower abs, inner and back of thighs, and inner parts of the knees. These are all areas I have struggled losing fat in, despite starving and exercising and weights and even running more than 5 miles a... READ MORE

Smartlipo of Flanks and Lower Abdomen. 30 Yr. Old Male

After a few years of trying to decide, I made the decision to try to have my love handles reduced. During the initial consult, I figured if I was going to have the love handles reduced, I might as well have the beer gut reduced as well.Around age 20, I went from around 180 to 240 pounds, due to... READ MORE

Smartlipo Mpx

Had smartlipo done with new machine MPX. The surgery was nearly painless and the results were great. At first I was somewhat bruised but that went away and I look and feel great. The doctor I had was very good he was able to explain everything to me so I knew what to expect right from the get go. READ MORE

Swelling 3 Weeks After SmartLipo MPX on Stomach

I had this procedure done because I had a back injury and had decreased my physical activity, causing me to gain weight. I still walk and do some aerobic exercise but not enough to lose weight. (I am otherwise healthy.)As of today, I have not seen the benefits of the procedure. I have been... READ MORE

Arm Skin Crinkles and Lines After Smart Lipo MPX

My arms were large and flabby moving from side to side when I wave. I'm petite 5'1" and 113 lbs and the arms made my upper body look larger. They run in the family. Diet and exercise have been unsuccessful in toning them. I decided on smart lipo MPX.The surgery itself was not painful, I was... READ MORE

Had Smart Lipo on Jaw. Chin . Neck Area

Hadsmart lipo 14 days ago on jaw. chin . neck area ,,,,i dont see any differenc eat all ...actually worde but no tgetting to upset yet because still lumpy and swollen .. i looked like a monster ..i was so swollwn and enite neck a dark purple bruises very bad also ..i did many reviews many didnt... READ MORE

Lumps from Smart Lipo

I had my procedure done a week ago. I am very concerned b/c the doctor never informed me of this side effect. I've only read posts from recent smart lipo patients with the similar concern of "lumps" and have not seen any reports on long-term results and the diminishment of lumps. Are... READ MORE

SmartLipo on Abs and Love Handles - Uneven Healing

I had smart lipo mpx on my u/l abs and love handles 5ms.agoI am still sore and I seem to have uneven love handles now. The one that is bigger is the one that is still very sore. Is this normal or am I going to have to have it touched up?Can I still be swollen and sore after 5 months smart lipo... READ MORE

So Far So Impressed! Smartlipo Mpx on Love Handles, Thighs and Abs

Pros: instantly saw results, can tell I'm going to be even smallercons: points of the surgery was painful, painful recovery, but you have to expect these things- still very worth it!!!I'm in my very early twenties and an athlete, I have had the hardest time losing my love handles and thighs, so... READ MORE

Smartlipo Post Op 3 Days

Had smartlipo on abs & flanks 3 days ago. Really swollen and black & blue. I gained middle body weight because of menopause.Will I regain the weight in other areas even though I am dieting and will resume my exercise? READ MORE

Exercise and Smartlipo

I had smart lipo done may 18, 2009 it has been 3 days post op and feeling great. a little bruising but going away. feel a little lumpy now. I Had abs,lower back and question is one when can i start running again and why cant you run right away does it do more harm than good. when can i... READ MORE

Medial Thights Smart Lipo MPX

I had a Medial Thights Smart Lipo MPX 4 days ago. The experience was very dramatic. I told my Doc i was in extreme pain. I felt the needle going in and out. they injected local anesthisia (xylocaine) but i dont think it was enough. also i felt like my doctor was in a hurry! i told him that it... READ MORE

Smart Lipo my Love Handles...

I had smart lipo on my flanks two weeks ago. I went to {Edited by Sharon: provider information appears above the review for registered users}. The procedure was quite painful and being awake didn't help anything, I found it pretty gross and hearing the fat sucked out of me doesn't quite fade... READ MORE

Possible Nerve Damage from SmartLipo

I had smartLipo on my stomach, love handles, abdominal area, neck and chin.After the surgery on my stomach area I woke up one night with a white hot pain shooting down my thigh, the pain was so intense it made me nauseous. I spoke with my doctor that performed the smartlipo and he stated that it... READ MORE

I Had my Smartlipo Mpx Yesterday and Feel Pretty Good Right Now.

I had smartlipo done with the new mpx machine and am feeling ok right now. I'm taking percocet for pain but am able to alternate with tylenol. I did my upper/lower abs, flanks, chin and neck. I have to say that there were a few times during the procedure that were uncomfortable. I had felt a... READ MORE

SmartLipo MPX Results - New York, NY

I just got smartlipo mpx yesterday and I am feeling good. The procedure did not hurt in the slightest. I am concerned about the results. I had smart lipo mpx performed on my lower abdomen because the doctor told me thats all I needed along with my love handles. I wanted to see the results... READ MORE

Smart Lipo + Vaser Result

I had my Smart Lipo MPX done 4days ago for my upper and lower tummy, love handles, and arms. It took 5 hours for the procedure. It didn't really hurt me at the beginning but towards the end, I think because of the numbing medication wearing off, it hurt me a lot, especially when the fiber (part... READ MORE

I Had my Abdomen and Flanks Done. VERY HAPPY WITH RESULTS!!!!!

My husband and I searched for a good doctor in our area who would perform lipo but my husband was not happy with the scar it would leave, nor was I. I laugh now, but he ran out the office so fast and i followed right behind. He searched online did some research and found this doctor. I can... READ MORE

I Have Had the Smart Lipo MPX and LOVE IT! But Please Make Sure It's with a Plastic Surgeon!

Hello all, I had Smart Lipo MPX ( the one with the skin tightning) with a PLASTIC SURGEON on my "Muffin top" and loved it!  After doing my research I found out that some of the Dr's doing the Smart Lipo weren't even Plastic Surgeons! One Dr that does most of his adverting was a... READ MORE

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