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Smartlipo MPX is a specific brand of laser lipo treatment that uses two different wavelengths for body contouring.

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Smart Lipo MPX, 1700cc Removed - Grand Rapids, MI

Flanks, upper & lower abs, bra line & arms. 8 days post op. 1700cc removed. ONLY USE BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON THAT HAS HAD FORMAL TRAINING IN SMART LIPO MPX, I can already see results even though I am still quite swollen. I am using motrin for pain control except at night when... READ MORE

Still in Pain After 3 Months, No Real Results to Speak of - Connecticut

I had Smart lipo MPX in January 2009. This was a huge expense for me and after talking with my Dr.I was convinced this would be a piece of cake and would be back to my busy active life in less then a week. I am 5'4"134  very athletic and fit,I just had some areas that really... READ MORE

Big Expectations....Wrong Doctor - Orlando, FL

I had saved $$$ for awhile as I researched which procedure I wanted. I went to several consults and sadly went for the doctor who spends alot on marketing and advertising to get you in the door and his LOW prices. I wanted Smartlipo which my doctor calls his own AquaLipo,he owns the... READ MORE

Great Experience with Smart Lipo MPX - Bellevue, WA

I exercise 5-6 days a week and watch what I eat, but there were still a few areas where I just couldn't get the fat to budge. Smart Lipo MPX sounded like a safe way to help with these probem areas. I've been very happy with the results. READ MORE

Smartlipo - East Lyme, CT

I had SmartLipo done about 8 months ago and am less than impressed with the results. I felt misinformed about how the experience would be from beginning to end and didn't achieve the results that were claimed. {edited} and have the worse scars from the procedure having a label as minimally... READ MORE

Great Injectables & Smart-lipo - New York, NY

Anyone who has a consultation with Dr. S would not dream of seeing another plastic surgeon or derm. Make the time to meet him. Has done my botox for years. Had Juverderm to add some volume in my face a couple of years ago. Most recently we put some Sculptra to help my clevage area - way too much... READ MORE

Smart Lipo - Worth Every Penny! - Redmond, WA

I wanted this done for so long and finally did! I had my upper and lower abs, outer thighs and banana roll done. The doctor and staff were absolutely amazing and made me feel so comfortable. The actual procedure didn't hurt as much as I made it out to be in my mind. I was definitely sore the... READ MORE

Smart Lipo on Abs Left Me Disfigured - Tampa, FL

Had smart lipo on abs. I am 5,9 145, in my 40,s have 2 kids. Wanted this done for awhile and i am so sorry I did this. The dr. was late for my surgery and was gone befor I was. he rushed through the whole thing and now I am left with a 10 inch rope across the top of my belly button, along with... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Triplex - NYC

On November 19th 2010 I had the smart lipo procedure performed on my lower/upper abdonminals and flanks. I have researched the subject for the past twelve years when I inherited these small pockets of fat that I could not remove from diet or exercise. So in September I went to several... READ MORE

Smart Lipo MPX Great Way to Shape Up the Spots That Exercise Won't - Bellevue

I had a really good experience with Smart Lipo MPX. I did alot of research online and in the medical community and had decided against abdominoplasty. I was needing to tighten up areas of my belly and love handles that were resistant to exercise and that appeared post-babies. Smart Lipo was a... READ MORE

Smartlipo in Myrtle Beach

Wonderful.I still can't believe I went through with this.I was never in any serious pain after the surgery on my abdoman and flanks. I was very unhappy with the fat on my tummy, it's 3 days later and I can tell a difference already.My only problem is that it's itching like crazy.If I... READ MORE

Unhappy with Outcome - Please Beware of Smart Lipo and Take Note - Boulder, CO

I would advise that anyone who is considering SmartLipo, really think twice! I had regular Smart Lipo on my outer thighs, knees and flanks, 3 months ago. To say I am unhappy with the outcome is an understatement. I am 5ft 3" and weigh about 120lbs. I am very small boned and any weight I... READ MORE

SmartLipo on Love and Handles and Upper/lower Abs - Anxiously Awaiting Satisfaction

I had SmartLipo done on May 6th 2010 on my love handles upper and lower abs. I had no previous conversation or consultation with the physician, so I was under the assumption that I would get everything done on my scheduled date. On the day of my procedure, I finally met with the doctor, and was... READ MORE

Chin, Upper and Lower Abs - Midlife Maintenance

I had my chin, upper and lower abs done 5 days ago. I immediately knew I would be satisfied with the results of my stomach as soon as removed the garment after the first 24 hours. 650cc was removed and my lower pouch was gone. I am a patient person and I am encouraged each day as the... READ MORE

Smartlipo-upper/lower Abs, Love Handles

I had my procedure on Friday 5/7, now, 6 days later I'm feeling great and looking great. I'm 21 years old, 5'8 and about 135 pounds. I exercise regularly, eat great, and am not fat just had a little muffin top I wanted taken care of. The procedure itself was short and painless, however I was... READ MORE

SmartLipo MPX - U/L Abs, Hips, I/O Thighs, Banana Rolls

I had my procedure done on the 28th and 29th of April. On the first day I had my upper and lower abs, and hips. The second day I had my inner and outer thights and my bannana rolls. The first day after the procedure I was pretty loopy from the anti-anxiety meds they give you before the... READ MORE

Upper & Lower Abs and Flanks

I go tomorrow 5/4 for smart lipo and I am beyond, excited, nervous, anxious. I am not a big girl at all 5"5 140lbs. I have this belly, that know matter how much I work out it can't seem to go away. I am obsessed with having a flat stomach. I have been on this site every single day looking at... READ MORE

SmartLipo on my Chin and Neck

Every thing has been going great it has been a week and it is a little tender and not that bad.Besides the sexy face bandage I have been in all week doing house work and a light work out.My one week doc appointment is in the morning.I have always thought that I had a nice face from the front,... READ MORE

SmartLipo MPX on Hips, Back Abs and Neck - So Far I Am Very Happy!!

I had SmartLipo MPX yesterday, March 24, 2010. Today is day one postop and so far I am very happy with the results. I had my back and hips done and this coming Saturday I am scheduled to get my abdomen and neck done. The procedures had to be divided because the doctor can only take a certain... READ MORE

Just Had Smartlipo MPX Done on Multiple Areas

I am a female in my mid-20s, 5'6" and 140 pounds. I had smartlipo performed on my upper and lower abs, inner and back of thighs, and inner parts of the knees. These are all areas I have struggled losing fat in, despite starving and exercising and weights and even running more than 5 miles a... READ MORE

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