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Smartlipo MPX is a specific brand of laser lipo treatment that uses two different wavelengths for body contouring.

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Good Experience! - Huntsville, AL

I'm 54 and had lower back fat and the menopot that would not go away with exercise. Additionally, anethesia makes me vomit. Dr. gave me an honest assessment of my outcome, and since I don't plan on wearing a bikini, I went for it. Took a valium, lortab, keflex, and phenergan one hour before the... READ MORE

Finally Made the Decision - Sterling, VA

Well, it's been a couple of years since I considered getting any sort of surgery. After getting serving in the military, I gained 40 lbs over six months (hello readjustment issues!) went I went home to go to college. To put it in context, I went from 110 to 152 - a relatively big change for... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Triplex Gave Me my Pre-baby Body Back! - Pearland, TX

I had Smartlipo Triplex on my stomach and love handles after my second child. I had already tried Coolsculpting but wasn't happy with the results. After the Smartlipo, I literally have NO fat on my stomach, I swear! It's been a few months and I'm still waiting for the full result. Dr Kratschmer... READ MORE

Great Experience So Far - Palm Harbor, FL

Had Smartlipo MPX done on July 20, 2012...the doctor and staff have been excellent...have answered all questions....the doctor was up front about the surgery and everything I would be experiencing after the surgery (the nurse even gave me her cell phone # in case I needed her). He was wonderful... READ MORE

SmartLipo ... Fat Transfer to Breast - Dallas, TX

I had a baby a year and a half ago and after breastfeeding hated the look of my breast.. Although not the worse they lost their pizazzz... Decided to take the stubborn fat from my stomach and have it transferred to my breasts... So far, best decision I have made ... The results are amazing!! READ MORE

It Hurt Like a MOTHER! Couldn't Pay Me to Do It Again - Redlands, CA

I am not a pansy. I had both my children all natural and I have a large tat on my arm so pain isn't a big thing for me. When I decided to get smart lipo for my upper and lower abs and hips I thought. "no prob." The surgery was described as "virtually painless." I felt so much of it and was... READ MORE

Be Educated - Fenton, MO

Anyone out there wanting lipo needs to be educated. I did my homework and met with seven different doctors. I went to Dr. Ricketts office. I met Michele and made up my mind immediately with them. Michele is amazing. She explained everything in full detail and how the procedure works and the... READ MORE

Second Day and So Far So Good - Bellevue, WA

I had my abs, flanks and upper arms done yesterday. I've wanted to do this for years. I'm 48 and have always worked out and watched my weight, but I've always struggled with these areas. I finally decided to JUST DO IT!. The procedure itself was uncomfortable at times but my... READ MORE

Smart Lipo - Bellevue, WA

I did it because I wanted a more defined jaw line and younger looking arms. I have always been cursed with bigger arms, even when I was at my smallest weight. I had my neck and 'batwings' done a little over 2 weeks ago and I am already impressed and sooo excited to see the final result. I still... READ MORE

Had Smart Lipo Yesterday

I was nervous yesterday, but after taking the medicine was very relaxed. I was numbed, sterilized, and the procedure began. The initial numbing pinched, but after awhile i got used to it. The actual procedure was fine. I had my thighs (0uter) done. Also my buttucks. As the doctor got closer to... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Worth It - Atlanta, GA

I had a small amount of fat removed from my abs, mostly lower, and the shelf left from my 2 c sections. Although, I didnt see the full results for about 5 months, it was worth the wait. The discomfort lasted for a few days. The first night was the worst, and I could tell when the Vicoden and... READ MORE

Virtually No Bruising - Glastonbury, CT

I had under my chin and jowels area done and i typically bruise if I bump anything. The nurse mentioned she had heard pineapple helps decrease bruising. So I ate a whole pineapple and drank 6 little cans of juice over a 2 day period. No joke - no bruising. I also followed the rules of no alcohol... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Austin, Tx Tummy Liposuction U/L Abdomen

I am going to be having smart lipo MPX on upper and lower abs in Austin and I am excited and very nervous. Most reviews about my doctor that I have seen online are all really positive and have heard good things all around. Nervous about the procedure and about the bruising, pain, and swelling... READ MORE

YES to Smart Lipo! No to Slimlipo. - Dallas, TX

After a long contemplation (1 year) I decided to do laser liposuction. I went to one doctor first in Dallas but really wasn't happy with what he did to my flanks. I felt more could have been removed....a lot more! I used to say that I would NEVER do THAT in reference to liposuction b/c its... READ MORE

Round 2:After Much Thought.. I Did It.. !!! Smartlipo on Abdomen

I had been thinking about it for about two years and did much research, on line, and on this site, as well as many consults. I am petite and an avid runner and athelete. I have always been toned and in good shape, however I have never been able to get rid of the extra fat on my abdomen. The... READ MORE

Great Experience and Result with SmartLipo - Bellevue, WA

I had Dr.L do Lipo on my tummy. This was a trouble spot for me and I could not get rid of the extra fat. I am very satisfied with the results. Down time was one day and then back to work. Dr. L and his medical assistant were very detailed and supportive with any questions I had. I would... READ MORE

Skillfull Expertise - Bellevue, WA

Contour and touch up areas which had been comestically enhanced many years before. After having four children and undergone previous cosmetic procedures I knew I needed to find a doctor with not only accuumen,they needed attention to detail, ability to encompass the uniqueness that comes... READ MORE

Early to Tell - East Lyme, CT

I just had smartlipo done 2 days ago on my upper and lowe abs and love handles, I am still very swollen and have a lot of bruising but am not in much pain and can already tell I am much slimmer. My skinny jeans are now baggy on me. I just wish I was told how much drainage to expect the first... READ MORE

Smartlipo --- So Happy with Results! - Redmond, WA

After having a gastric by-pass 2 years ago, I was thinking about having a tummy tuck. But after attending a Smartlipo presentation I realized that I could get good results for about 1/3 the costs and only a few days downtime. I had my jowls, chin, upper abs, lower abs and flanks (love handles)... READ MORE

Yea! - Mountain View, CA

I am so happy that I had this performed on my front thighs in April of this year. I have always had unusually large thighs. During the consultation, the doctor told me that he would need to perform smart lipo from the front of my thighs all the way down to my knees in order for the outcome to be... READ MORE

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