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Smartlipo MPX is a specific brand of laser lipo treatment that uses two different wavelengths for body contouring.

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SmartLipo MPX- Stomach last year and now neck & chin

I am 23, 5'3 and right now I weight about 155 lbs. I have always carried my weight in my stomach and have had a ton of trouble losing weight from that area, despite being an active runner and into kickboxing. After a year of debating it and two consultations, I have decided to have... READ MORE

Black & Blue & Bumpy: No Gain Without Pain

I just had Smart Lipo MPX performed on my upper abs 4 days ago (June 3rd). I am a petite 5'2" and 110 lbs, but always had a bit of a belly. It was never noticeable with clothing on, but I hated the way it sagged and rolled when I sat. I was always insecure about my stomach as compared... READ MORE

Well Worth It - Dallas, TX

I am 43 years old and I work out 4-5 days a week. I am 5'6" and weight 145lbs. No matter how hard a work out I could not work of my abs. Well I had smart lipo yesterday on the 14th. I am soooo pleased already. I just took the bandages off and I can already see a difference. The pros are... READ MORE

Great Experience with a Great Doctor - Columbia, MD

*SmartLipo MPX I had my abdomen, front flanks, and lower back done. I was not particularly chubby in those areas, I wanted it more for contouring purposes. The procedure was not painful, just scary; you have this big canula going in and out of you and you're afraid it's going to rip through... READ MORE

Smart Lipo MPX - New York

After read a few good reviews I went for smart lipo mpx on Feb.21. It is almost 2month since . As days gose by I'm hopeless, upset myself for my choice of doc.. Don't be a fool by Good review.. One of the staff showed me the pic of her had done where I went in for check up .. I remember... READ MORE

No quick fixes-update of Smart Lipo MPX surgery (2 months later)

I had surgery exactly 8 days ago on my lower abs, my flanks, and my double chin. I did plenty of research and actually went to 5 different consultations before I decided on this doctor who claims he is the only one in Georgia that uses the Smart Lipo MPX.I had quotes from other doctors... READ MORE

Smart Lipo MPX on Upper / Lower Abs and Waist - Commack, NY

I will be going in on December 30th early morning for Smart Lipo MPX on my upper and lower abs and waist. I just adore my doctor already and he didnt even do the work yet. I have met with him on December 6th for blood work and before shots. He wants to study me before he does the work... READ MORE

Smart Lipo - Awesome - Roswell, GA

Con- Swelling right after surgery is gross, but not bad. The draining was pretty gross as well, but after 24 hours all the fluid is gone. Pro- In 1 hour of Smart Lipo I achieved what I have killed myself in the gym trying to achieve for years. Pro- It's been 2 weeks since my lipo.... READ MORE

Smartlipo - Totally Worth Every Penny

So I have been thinking about getting lipo for a while now and just recently moved to NYC. After researching plenty of Doctors in the area and going to many consultations I decided to go with Dr. P. I actually first found out about him from another patient on this site.I have to admit I was... READ MORE

49 Year Old Male Results from MPX SMART LIPO to Chest, Stomach and Flanks

My husband had smart lipo on his chest and stomach about two weeks ago. the pros: his chest (breasts) have already gone done significently and he is extremely please with the results.  the stomach area is taking a little longer and that is to be expected!!!  not a fast fix for that... READ MORE

After 3 children and 36 years old!

Amazing procedure! I have such good results! This was a stepping stone to my future goals & I highly recommend this treatment for someone looking for a boost! After 3 children, I was in a position where I wasn't feeling happy about my self! && now I'm working out & showing off!???? READ MORE

Highest Level of Expertise and More So Integrity - Bellevue, WA

I went to see Dr. Levy to discuss a possible use of SmartLipo MPX for a couple of areas I've had trouble with. I went to the Pro Club Medical Spa because of the great reviews! Dr. Levy is incredibly knowledgeable but what I found more impressive is that he was incredibly honest about the fact... READ MORE

Smart Lipo - Westfield, NJ

Dr, Burnett is a wonderful, caring Doctor as is his staff. I had the smart lipo under my chin and was very pleased with the results. It was painless. It took away my double chin and added a beautiful definition to my profile. I was very nervous and he and his staff made me feel comfortable and... READ MORE

Beyond my Expectations!!! - New York, NY

I saught out Dr.Karcher for her experience and expertise in body sculpting. I can only say I experienced far more than just a procedure with her. She has changed my life. From the first consultation to today, my first follow-up, her sincerity, professionalism, and overall approach to patient... READ MORE

Having Doubts - Chicago, IL

I'm scheduled to have smartlipo in two weeks and kind of freaking out. The place i found that does it is a Med spa..the doctor is also an obgyn...i haven't actually met him yet I've only consulted with a nurse. They are very willing to get me in and doing it on a day they... READ MORE

42 Years Old and Confused at This Point. - St. Louis, MO

I have been saving and researching smartlipo for a long time. I have had 2 c-sections and 2 other abdominal surgeries and my stomach had uneven bumps at the bottom that look like growths. I basically wanted the smartlipo to even that out and of course try to flatten my tummy as much as possible.... READ MORE

Very Active 64 Year Old - Princeton, NJ

I was very self conscience about the first signs of jowling. I went to Dr. Brunner and she suggested Smart Lipo. Well, she did an excellent job with SmartLipo! She is so incredibly talented I am almost at a loss for words! I also get all of my injectibles from her, and when I'm ready for a... READ MORE

Smart Lipo with skin tightening of Waist and upper and lower abdominal - Torrance, CA

I just had my procedure a week ago I'm still a little sore but I can see a great improvement already. I'm 39yr old and 5'1 and 139 pounds. I had two kids by C-Section and I workout hard to stay in shape but my stomach never was flat.i did used waist trainers to try to slim down my waist and it... READ MORE

Snatched in the Waist - Lilburn, GA

Had little one almost two years stomach has not been the since. Want to feel sexy again. Ive seen Dr. Boutte work and its confident i will be pleased with the outcome. I feel like im finally doing something for myself... super excited and cant sure my Husband... READ MORE

40 Y/o Female ...I'm a Doctor... No Children ... Good Shape ... Peri Menopausal Weight Gain - Long Island, NY

Hi! Hope this helps anyone considering this procedure! About me ... I'm 5'8 166# female ... Not heavy but have always had a little belly fat... That was always my biggest body issue .... And as I'm going through menopause it's gotten much bigger ... To the point on several occasions people asked... READ MORE

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