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Smartlipo MPX is a specific brand of laser lipo treatment that uses two different wavelengths for body contouring. The manufacturer claims this results in reduced treatment times.

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Had smart lipo combined with ultrasonic bc of my stretch marks and ohhh boy am i exitec!!! I love my reaults, they are amazing.... Hubby also loves them, cant wait till i can start going back to the gym :).... On another hand, proceedure was a peice of cake!!!....i fell asleep soon after... READ MORE

I am a fitness competitor who recently was diagnosed with cancer and had to be treated for that… I'm also 50 years old so laying around for six months caused a lot of fat to accumulate around my waist and back basically having a muffin top after the doctor gave me the OK after my cancer... READ MORE

At first saw some YouTube video and it seem to be a walk in the park. I wish it was lol. Felt some pain but fell asleep most of the time until the flanks. Things were getting to wear off. Plus had to use number 1 too wasn't helping at all. He inform me a lot about the procedure but I didn't... READ MORE

I went in for flanks. They advised me to also do my back because there was loose skin hanging so I agreed. She worked on my back. And back side of flanks. Iam so upset at that because now she has to go back in. Ugh just thinking about going in again and wearing the compression garments sucks. I... READ MORE

After extensive research, I finally scheduled my Smart Lipo Triplex procedure. I had traditional liposuction in 2007, but did not get the results I expected. I went back to the surgeon who did it, but he just didn't take responsibility and I just didn't want to fight it. After that, I got... READ MORE

Went to preop yesterday and still a little nervous about being "awake". I think the part I am most nervous about is the immersion of the trumecent fluid and not knowing my recovery time. My doctor was great we talked through everything and she is going to go slow at first to show me that there... READ MORE

So...when I was young I was quite slim with very few curves and I always wanted as ass LOL. Then came junior/senior year of college, and along with it 25 pounds. Then 12 years of working, limited exercise, and lots of candy (addicted to sugar, gummy bears, anything sweet and sour) and another 20... READ MORE

I am a 45 year old Asian, mother of 2 girls. I have a pretty good body,but my weakest link was my thighs and knees. Hence I decided to try SmartLipo. I had regular Lipo done 10 years ago on inner and outer thighs and they left my skin wrinkled ( especially my inner thighs). Hence I consukted... READ MORE

41 yr old, 5'5", weight ranges between 134-140, mother of one teenager by emergency cesarean 17 years ago (28 week premie). In 2013 I had a partial hysterectomy and scar revision due to a huge fibroid. I have been active all of my life. Middle and High School sports, Active duty military for... READ MORE

Ok people this is something that I have been researching for a little over a year. I have to get this done and I am but I can only afford right now one area so I’m getting done just a full abdomen (even though I should probably get the flanks too) I just don’t have the money right now to do... READ MORE

I am really interested in getting my upper and lower stomach done, my sides an flanks with a transfer to my butt. i been wanting this for the past 5 years. i have been looking at the reviews of te doctors on here. i really haven't selected a doctor. i do have two in mind from looking at their... READ MORE

I always struggled with weight loss as a kid and reached my goal of 130lbs back in 2009. However because of my lack of knowledge, I suffered from hyperthyroidism (graves disease) which was what had caused me to lose a lot of weight. Once medicated on methimazole and a beta blocker I shot up... READ MORE

Worked with Dr Carreon in seguin Texas where she successfully removed 2200 cc of fat. Today is my second day post op and I am very swollen but can see major results. I feel super sore on my back and am a bit more bloated than usual but looking in the mirror I can see that my contour is much more... READ MORE

After having a baby a year and a half ago and breastfeeding I hated the way my breast looked. I was able to take 1 1/2 inch from my stomach and about a 1/2 inch from my thighs and transfer it to my breast. I am day 3 into the procedure and I have no pain no bruising and no scars... READ MORE

I am 38 years old, normal weight (5'2" 118lb). I had my last baby 11 months ago and managed to loose all the pregnancy weight plus another 5 lb. I have always been self conscious about my small pouch under my chin and my slope shape neck, but lately I noticed that my skin is more saggy and... READ MORE

Dr. Pakeman lipoed my arms a few weeks ago.. im still healing but WOW HUGE DIFFERENCE!! I will share my most recent photos because they look Fantastic!!! He told me that im still swollen & need a few months to continue healing.. So they will look even better!! I am so happy that I chose him..He... READ MORE

Today i went for a consult at American Lipo Center in Dallas,Tx and i was extremely satisfied. The nurse Debbie was great and very informative, now that i have scheduled my surgery date i will meet the doc this week. I walked away knowning that after several consulta at many places that this was... READ MORE

I've done the diet and exercise thing. Went from 22%bf to 10% and gained a good amount of muscle. I suffered a back injury and within 3 months, all the fat I had lost came back. I decided to have the procedure to rid myself of the fat cells for good. It looks like it's almost all gone and I'm... READ MORE

Minimal invasive haha on you results are great so far but I was in pain during and certainly after. I will say I'm a big girl I started at 220 so for many whom are near their ideal weight I suspect the procedure is actually minimally invasive and less painful. My doc removed about... READ MORE

I have never had a problem maintaining my weight or losing a few extra lbs here and there. But last Feb, I tuned 40. Starting around April I started to notice I was gaining weight. I would try to lose it by eating less; which is what I did in the past. The weight didn’t drop. I started... READ MORE

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