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Curvy 36 Year Old Mother of Three SmartLipo Journey. Scottsdale, AZ

Since I gave birth to my son at 17 I always had a fight with that fat roll! 2 children later it just got worse I call myself jelly belly. I did not want to get a tummy tuck just because of the large incision scar and rather have jelly belly. I've been searching around different reviews and I... READ MORE

37yr Old Need Body Sculpting - Florida, FL

Hello, I just paid my deposit with Dr Velilla. Surgery the first week in December. Flanks, upper and lower abdomen and back procedure. I'm from Georgia and I have searched and searched for a good doctor that does LOCAL anesthesia and glad I found Dr V. I'm 5'5 143lbs, waistline 29 inch. Goal is... READ MORE

36y/o, Mom of 2, Sexy is a 2017 must, Upper/Lower Abs and Back, Smartlipo Triplex

I am 9 days pre-op and I am super excited and nervous about my procedure. I am having my upper & lower abdomen, waist & flanks. I am praying for a great outcome. I am sure I made the right decision in choosing my surgeon. I know I will get the results I desire. I am claiming it. I will... READ MORE

25, No Kids, 5'0" - Atlanta, GA

Well ladies after stalking this site for months, tomorrow is the big day! I will be going for my smart lipo procedure and I am more than excited. My mother went to Boutte a month ago and she turned out great! I have faithfully been taking my meds in preparation for tomorrow. I'll keep you guys... READ MORE

31 Year Old...4yr Old Daughter...booty on Flat! - Lilburn, GA

I have been researching on RS for about two years now and I finally mustered you the courage to do it! I'm 31 years old and have a daughter. I'm 210Ibs, 5'6 and I have decided to go with Dr.Bouttein ATL. I will be getting a fat Transfer from my mid-section to my butt. I workout at the gym 4-5... READ MORE

Ready for a Change!

So I have been doing research on smart lipo for awhile now and I'm finally ready to go through with it. I'm so nervous but excited at the same time. My date is set for Nov. 3. I have prayed and prayed about the doctor I'm going to use and I feel it in my heart I have made the right choice. I... READ MORE

Smart Lipo One Year After TT - New York, NY

So here I go I have decided to go through and have smart lipo on my inner and outer thigh, flanks and abs and mons. After having my TT last year, my PS said he would not do Lip with the TT so I decided to wait, Dec. 16 will be one year and I think I need to have it done. I went to see Dr. Arnold... READ MORE

34 years old, 1 child. Doing this to help remove extra skin

I previously Used Dennis Schimpf for my breast reduction last year. Now I'm getting smart lipo to help remove extra skin from losing weight that just won't go anywhere. I'm getting my abdomen, flanks and arms done. READ MORE

24 Year Old, Skinny Fat, Smart Lipo on Abdomen - Charlotte, NC

I have set my surgery date! I am in Charlotte, NC and have a date set on December 27th. The perfect Christmas present for myself! I am excited and will upload pre pics soon. I started seeing a new guy about two months ago and have not told him about the procedure. I'm not sure how he will react.... READ MORE

Smartlipo Journey - New York, NY

I would like to get rid of as much fat in my abdomen, flanks and back area. I hope with the procedure and my healthy lifestyle, my dreams of a slim mid section will become my reality. I am very nervous but very excited. My procedure is 4 days away. I will be sure to post before and after... READ MORE

38 year Old Hypothyroid Mom of One. Center Valley, PA

Getting smart lipo on arms flanks waist and abdomen in July. Went to my first free consultation and I am ready for this journey. After my thyroid being removed due to a goiter from Graves disease, it has been hard to lose weight in certain areas. I am scheduled for a pre op with doctor in June.... READ MORE

Bye-Bye "Dora" - Seguin, TX

I've always had a "Dora the Explorer" shape, no matter how in shape I've been. I wanted some curves to me, and I wanted the bulk of my midsection defined. After battling ovarian cysts for the past year, and gaining about 20 lbs, and losing my self esteem, I knew that this was the time to act.... READ MORE

No Regrets - Schaumburg, IL

After stressing myself out and the anxiety of even thinking of going thru with this procedure, my entire experience was very comforting, from start to finish! It's now exactly one week post op and the pain has been very tolerable, incisions are barely noticeable and there's no drainage tubes... READ MORE

35 Yrs Old 3 Kids - Wilmington, NC

I did research on smartlipo for while. Reading different ppl story etc. So I finally came to terms this is what I want! I actually went to two different Doctor in the beginning.. Just so I could see if the both would tell me the same thing.. And they pretty much did! But I wanted this for myself... READ MORE

32 -Upper & Lower Abdomen + Waist & Flanks - Roseville, CA

Hi everyone! I had smart Lipo on Sept 5th so it's been a week and I'm patiently waiting for results! I posted most of my swollen self as of today. Still numb in all areas. I'm going to continue to update as the process seems a little slow. I'm watching what I eat for the next month when I head... READ MORE

Waist takeover...nah, Mommy makeover!

April 2016 I had a hysterectomy with removal of fibroids. Six months after recovering from surgery, my waist took on this out of shape formality that I just couldn't bare to live with. It seemed like fat was just storing everywhere possible within my stomach. I'm not one for routine workouts... READ MORE

28, Three Kids, Cant Exersise Like I Used to Due to Injury

I had my three kids basically back to back. With each pregnancy i was polyhydramnios which means I had excessive amniotic fluid so my belly was huge like i was carrying twins. My tummy was ruined by the end of it all. I would always drop the weight but the skin on my tummy got more loose and... READ MORE

28 Years Old, No Kids, Full Abs, Flanks, Waist, Small Back - ATL

Let myself go, then got engaged SO I needed some motivation to help get started on the pre-wedding bod! ;) I'm results-oriented so seeing changes immediately helps me stay on track and visualize my goals long term. Was awake during procedure even though it was a twilight sedation. I just... READ MORE

40 Yr Old No Kids Trying to Improve Body - Houston, TX

Had my surgery a week and a day ago. The whole process of the whole procedure went very well. I had my consultation on NOV 28 and had my surgery Nov 30. The office and doctor was great. He gave me realistic expectations. He told me that my panus will not go all the way flat. I'm hoping to see... READ MORE

So Ready to See Results

Hello all i'm excited to be having smart lipo done on my abdomen. Even though I would love a million other places liposuctioned, for me the stomach is the most annoying part that just does not budge, rather it bulges. I have been dreaming of this day for years! I use to go to this place for... READ MORE

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