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29 Yrs Old. One Child. Excited and Ready!! - Jacksonville, FL

Im currently around 210, 5'9. What can I say? Me & my son are tired of my stomach lol. I haven't set a date yet. I'll be traveling from another state to see Dr. Boutte. Im communicating w/ Crystal. So far, ive signed my docs. I was told I would get a call to pay my deposit but it's been a... READ MORE

Not Sure..Verdict Still out

It's been over 7 weeks and I'm still not satisfied. He did say it could take up to 2 years for final results. So I am guessing I am so far from 48 week results. Still numb, itchy, and weight gain excess from tumrscent fluid. I'm a certified 20+ years in the operating room nurse and plastics is... READ MORE

56yr Old 5 Kids and Really Needed It

I really wanted to lower the blood pressure, I was told that if I loose the weight it would help,I tried on my own but it didn't work. Sonobello really helped me,the entire staff were so helpful,they made me feel so comfortable,I couldn't wait to get it done,the experience was very rewarding, I... READ MORE

25, 1 Child, Anxious About Long Overdo Smart Lipo to Abs, Flanks and Lwr Back

I've always had love handles even growing up skinny. I was always the tall girl growing up as I entered my 20s my weight started to fluctuate. One year I'm small the next year I'm chubby. But I've always had these stubborn love handles skinny or not. By the way I'm 5'10 around 210lbs. Haven't... READ MORE

44-50 Mother of 5 - Langhorne, PA

I am very happy and it is only day two. I still have a of swelling and pain but I am excited. I was awake but I felt no pain during procedure. The first night it was kind of painful when the anesthesia wore off and so I did take the Tylenol with codeine day 1and 2. The first day I had a lot... READ MORE

Wanted to Be Flatter for 2016! Skokie, IL

Hi everyone, Last year I had a breast reduction and lipo to inner thighs and arms. Right away I knew I wanted to have a flater stomach, but after realizing that I did not want to go through a tummy tuck (limited time off, coupled with my job being pretty stressful). My friends had good... READ MORE

54 Yrs Old Smart Lipo on Upper and Lower Abdomen and Upper and Lower Bra Rolls

I am having my procedure done in 4 days .I am alittle scared well alot but I hope it goes well and the after pain is not so bad. I could only afford 2 areas so I chose the worst ones. I have read alot of reviews more good than bad so I hoping to be back at work in 4 days. Has anyone had bra... READ MORE

Always talk to former patients FIRST!!

First let me say: the STAFF was very professional, courteous, and showed genuine concern upon each visit. Originally I was told that due to my dissatisfaction of my first procedure I could do it again for $1500. I was so excited. During the pre-op visit, I had to remind her of what she said. She... READ MORE

27 Years Old No Kids smart lipo on side and top and bottom abdomen Pcos Problem

So ive always struggle with my weight but these past 3 years been really difficult . I found out i had PCOS with was the main reason for my weight gain .. i use to work out alot , i will lose weight but always gain it back !! I searched smart lipo becAuse i wanted to see if it really works and... READ MORE

32yrs, Flanks, Bra Roll, and Full Abdomen - Pasadena, CA

Hi everyone! My surgery is scheduled for March 26th at Athenix in Pasadena, and I'm feeling a mix of excitement and sheer anxiety. I'm about 15lbs over my normal weight (165lbs at the moment) and though I work out often, my waist remains wide no matter how thin I've been in the past. It's... READ MORE


So this is what I've ended up with after two procedures trying to fix this obvious mess. I have grown to hate reading advice about it's too soon to tell, it's going to get better, you need to massage blah blah blah. Yes I'm bitter but can you blame me? Any suggestions? Not interested in a tummy... READ MORE

27 with 2kids Ready to Get my Old Body Back!!!!!

I've been on this site stalking reviews and doctors lol. I want the 360 stomach and waist smart Lipo. I feel I've picked the best doctor for this procedure. I'm excited, anxious and nervous already lol. I have a 1year old and did not bounce back like I did with the 6yr old . I've been working... READ MORE

Ready for a Change - Waltham, MA

I had my upper and lower abs done along with my flanks. This was very painful for me as I have very low tolerance for pain. Its an motional rollercoaster. At times I see progress and others none. My weight was 174 on the day of the procedure and today Im 163. One month and a few days post... READ MORE

Such an awesome experience - Florence, SC

I love Dr. O'Dell. He is so down to earth and makes you feel so conferrable. I recently had my smart lipo procedure done a day ago, and I can already tell a HUGE difference in my body. I took the bandages off and I was in shock. I felt so calm during the entire procedure. I have a very low pain... READ MORE

30 Yr Old NYC Mom of 3, Much Needed Smart Lipo - New York

I've been thinking about lipo for about 2 years now but each time I thought about it I never wanted to go through with it. On Friday May 19 2017 it was weighing on my mind heavily. I decided to start looking into smart lipo. I have a real fear of needles and the thought of scalpels and cuts... READ MORE

37 Years Old... Both my Mom and I Had the Procedure - Arlington, VA

Had smart look done on the 23rd of November my mom had hers two weeks prior on the 16th! I had several areas done my mom had just upper and lower abdomen. I had upper and lower abdomen, love handles, arms, upper and lower bra, and upper butt shelf. I saw an immediate difference in the love... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Upper and Lower Abs/ Flanks

Today is the day I am extremely nervous. I hope all goes well. I am super nervous I could just throw up right now. I am more scared then anything. I hope all goes well. I will be able to update after my surgery and let people know how it went. I am 5 feet 2 inches and weigh about 175. I just had... READ MORE

40 Yrs Old, 3 Kids, Smart Lipo & Fat Transfer - Plano, TX

I had smart lipo (upper/lower abs, upper back, love handles, chin) with a fat transfer to my buttocks. 2 weeks later there is not much pain but I am really sad about my results so far. My butt is not at all plump or even contoured, love handles and upper back fat still there. I am pretty bummed... READ MORE

Don't Know How to Act - Lilburn, GA

I began my research for Lipo with Fat Transfer about a year ago. I went on many consultations, but nothing felt right. No one really made me feel comfortable. I can't really put in words a feeling that describes when you know something. You just know! Someone told me about realself a few months... READ MORE

28 Yr Old , Mother of 3, 3 C-section, Want Lipo and Scheduled Date-soooooo Excited. Orlando, FL

Im a mother of 3 children and have had 3 C-sections not to mention had my thyroid removed just before I found out I was prego with my last child. I gained so much weight in my trouble areas. I have gone and did my consult and am getting smart lipo in the waist and lower back. Does anyone have... READ MORE

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