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Smart Lipo is a variation on traditional liposuction that uses laser energy to liquefy fat before it's removed through a thin tube called a cannula. This technique makes the fat easier to remove, making Smart Lipo a less aggressive procedure that may have a faster recovery timeline. In areas with thin layers of fat, like the face and the neck, the cannula might not be used at all. In this case, the liquefied fat is absorbed and naturally eliminated by the body. The procedure is not intended to significantly reduce weight, but to address fat that has been resistant to diet and exercise. This procedure may also be referred to as Smartlipo Laser Lipolysis or Laser Lypolysis.

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Smart lipo and BBL from Findley - Atlanta, GA

I want to get smart lipo done but I feel ashamed to pay for it and I feel bad spending so much money on something I can work out to get. But I want it to feel confident. The date I scheduled was for December 18th but I canceled it out of fear. She told me I can reschedule at any time but I have... READ MORE

29 Years Young. Mother of 2 Regaining my Sexy - Raliegh, NC

I have been doing research for months now and finally decided to get Smart lipo done! I refuse to start the new year with this same body! I had my pre open appt yesterday and took my before pictures, received my meds and instructions. The staff is very nice and welcoming. I really love rhe... READ MORE

54 Yrs Old, Smart Lipo, Flanks, Inner Thigh, Upper and Lower Stomach, Correcting Capular Contracture - Birmingham, AL

I am 5'4" weigh 131. I have a desk job and for the past year I have had little to no exercise. I use to exercise 5 days a week but life changes your plans sometimes. I have been wanting to have lipo on my flanks for a year now. I just didn't have the time. I'm hoping this procedure will get me... READ MORE

WARNING !!!! 32 Year Old Smart Lipo/cellullaze , WORST Mistake of my Life Choosing This Doctor - Long Island, NY

I have cellulite on my thighs and buttocks as well as some areas to improve with smart Lipo , as I went to this doctor for my breasts and had good results I figured I would do it with him . From the actual procedure to the results , it was a complete nightmare , complete waste of my money , NO... READ MORE

25 Year Old! No Kids! Just Need my Body Back. Upper/lower Abs & Love Handles! Lilburn, GA

Hey Ladies! I can't believe I'm actually doing this!! Sigh.. So over the pass year and a half, it's safe to say I just let my body go. I've gained over 20 lbs that I just need gone ASAP. So I've decided to take a leap of faith. My first step is getting smartlipo done on stubborn areas that seem... READ MORE

50 Year Old, One C Section Looking for Smart Lipo in NYC Area - New York, NY

So RS community, I've been dreaming of lipo for years. I was always scared and intimidated to even go for a consult due to my ignorance about prices, procedures, etc. and then I found RS and the amount of knowledge on this site gave me the strength to take the first steps to go see PS. I've... READ MORE

African American Woman Having Smart Lipo Triplex Done on Inner Thighs - Lanham, MD

I was the grand price winner of a smart lipo triplex (one area) event at Beux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery lanham,md.I'm having my inner thighs done because the chub rub has gotta go =).My main reason for doing this is not to get "skinny" legs per say. I've always had big muscular legs and... READ MORE

32, 5'3", 120lbs, Tummy Buldge - Thousand Oaks, CA

I have been researching SmartLipo and many other procedures for awhile now but kept coming back to the SmartLipo. It appealed to me because it's more "instant" and has the skin tightening laser. Other options such a CoolScultiping didn't give me the "instant" gratification I was seeking. I... READ MORE

52 Year Old Atlanta Mom - Atlanta, GA

I felt like I could no longer wear anything fitted! My muffin top was overflowing. I had Lipo 16 years ago and had great results. I went for 4 different consults. One doc said I needed TT. Two said Smart Lipo and the one I chose said I would get a good result from Smart Lipo but if I was... READ MORE

31, Big Boobs, Okay Butt, Just Want a Slimmer Waist - Corona, CA

So my mom is in the compression garment business and we have lots of patients that come in with horrible garments that have had all kinds of procedures. I always thought I would just keep losing weight however after my divorce I lost over 50 pounds and noticed something I didn't like... Saggy... READ MORE

27 Years Old, 3 Kids Want my Tight Body Back - Ponchatoula, LA

I have been researching smart lipo, liposuction and any other procedure that gives you a boost off to a new start. I read a lot of reviews from people and it makes me feel a little better about scheduling my consultation. So I have made the first step, I scheduled my consultation with Dr. Benson... READ MORE

24yr Old, No Kids,I Just Wanna Look Great in a Bathing Suit ! - Beverly Hills, CA

Lets see, I am 24 yrs old 5' 6" 165 lbs. i have been pretty active played sports in high School and have worked out and dieted but I have not been able to shake this belly fat. Even at my smallest (150 lbs) i still had a belly. Ive been doing alot of research and I have finally decided to do... READ MORE

Curvy Girl Wanting Hour Glass Figure - Snellville, GA

I have a very curvy figure with hour glass shape and after my last child was born in 2002 my abdominal area began to sag with a kangaroo pouch at the bottom. I didn't like the look in my clothes and finally decided to do something about it. I researched for months on smartlipo on realself and... READ MORE

Give Me my Body Back!!! Please? (28, 2 Kiddos) - Scottsdale, AZ

So ill start with an intro. im a 28 year old, married, full time working mom of 2 girls. Ive had weight issues all my life. i finally got dedicated and lost all my weight through diet and exercise then got preggo. I did the process all over again through diet and exercise got preggo again. this... READ MORE

36 Year Old Smart Lipo Stomach, Waist, Lower Back Bra Rolls and Fat Transfer! - Stone Mountain, GA

I started researching Doctors for smart lipo and ran across Dr. Windell Boute. Let me just say after only a week of conversing with her staff (Crystal) I was made comfortable and was ready to have my procedure done. Dr Windell was getting ready to take a vacation, and was booked up until late... READ MORE

fit thick! - New York

Hello, So I've been on this site researching smart lipo for quite some time. I did my procedure on 11/13/15. About the procedure: It was painful!!!!! I've read that it wasn't painful for some people. Good for them! The most painful part of this procedure was injecting the numbing shots. It felt... READ MORE

A Little Nervous - King Of Prussia, PA

Ok, I have been talking about getting my stomach area done for a a couple of years now. I wanted the liposuction and tummy tuck but I am afraid of the invasive surgery and recovery time. So I heard about SmartLipo and thought, ok, this I can do. I am scheduled for the 26th of this month. I... READ MORE

TUMECENT LIPO..51 years old.one son,now 17 but had theough emergency c section at the time - London, GB

I see myself as quite a fit and active person.I have a job that keeps me fit...flying the skies for a worldwide airline and have been doung the job for 29 years. Recently i signed up for a years intense interval/ insanity type traing.I try and do at least 2-3 sessions per week depending in work... READ MORE

53 Year Old Woman. Southampton, NY

During menopause my body went thru a big change and my normally plump figure ended up with a large amount of fat around my waist and hips to the point where the fat would hang over my pants. I lost weight but couldn't get rid of the fat apron and big giant belly I had. I had the procedure done... READ MORE

Want my Sexy Back. Mother of a 3 Year Old - Buckhead, GA

I've been going back and fourth with myself for over a year now. I went to Sono Bella first and they were so expensive I was like no not at this time. So I did more research and came across Cool Sulpting and was excited about how inexpensive it was and that you didn't have to be put to... READ MORE

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