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Smart Lipo is a variation on traditional liposuction that uses laser energy to liquefy fat before it's removed through a thin tube called a cannula. This technique makes the fat easier to remove, making Smart Lipo a less aggressive procedure that may have a faster recovery timeline. In areas with thin layers of fat, like the face and the neck, the cannula might not be used at all. In this case, the liquefied fat is absorbed and naturally eliminated by the body. The procedure is not intended to significantly reduce weight, but to address fat that has been resistant to diet and exercise. This procedure may also be referred to as Smartlipo Laser Lipolysis or Laser Lypolysis.

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Botched Lipo MPX: Lumpy Thighs

I had Lipo MPX done at Dr. Ayoubi at 01 Harley street. I thought it was a reputable place based on the location. It was one of the worst decisions I ever made in my life. I now have huge hard lumps and indents all over my thighs. I had to see another doctor and have undergone 4 revisions!!!... READ MORE

Best Decision I Made with Dr Pratt and Staff!! - Charlotte, NC

Smart lipo on both my upper arms and bra rolls in the front! I am an African American young woman in my 30's. I inherited large arms that resembled big turkey legs. I literally got my huge arms from my Mom, Grandmother on my mom's side and grandmother on my father's side. My main concern was not... READ MORE

If You Are Thin DO NOT DO THIS SURGERY-please I Hope This Helps Someone

I am 5'5 115lbs, and nearing 40. I had inner and outer thighs done then upper and lower abs. Both places have been redone already!! There is no "sculpting" involved, there is no skin tightening. The incisions are tiny, so no big deal but the lumps I have on my stomach and inner... READ MORE

3kids Stubborn Belly Fat - San Antonio, TX

Well I'm hoping to get rid of my love handles and trim a little bit more on my belly. After child Burt I was stuck with huge mom hips n love handles I'm so short it just dosnt look rite one me. The biggest I've ever been was 189 I am currently 160-165 5'3 I'd like to go down to 145-50 you think... READ MORE

5'8", 155 Lb, Doing 4 Tomorrow Sono Bello

I have my pre-op today, surgery tomorrow. Scared of recovery as I have three kids at home including a toddler, and husband works far from home. Having upper and lower abs, waist, hips and outer thighs done. Really excited but also so nervous! Hoping recovery isn't terrible; they assured me... READ MORE

28 W/ 1 Child - Atlanta, GA

Overall the surgery has made me feel great. I have a smaller midsection so my clothes fit better and look nice as well. I did a consultation on a Wednesday and talked with the consultant about my areas of concern. She assessed my body and then went over the pricing. They asked me to put down... READ MORE

Female, Young Adult - SmartLipo on Upper and Lower Stomach and Love Handles/Flanks (800cc removed) - Atlanta, GA

Throughout my entire adult life, I've been just under 5'7 and fluctuated between 125-140 pounds (mostly in the 120's but the last few years, 135-140, which I'm trying to lose ugh). BUT no matter what size I am, I've always had extra on the stomach/love handles (aka flanks) area - I've always had... READ MORE

Male 42 Lipo of the Love Handles. No Amount of Diet/exercise Would Burn These. - Atlanta, GA

So I been wanting to do lipo to get rid of my love handles, I've tried everything from cardio to weigh training with eating healthy but if it runs on your family there is very little that can be done to burn this extra fat storage. Here are the before pics, dang look at that pants can't stay up,... READ MORE

***Smart Lipo Abs, Flanks and Back***Chicago, IL

So I decided to get smart lipo on my flanks, upper and lower abdomen and back. I weighed 140 lbs 5'4. So far its been a week and I am very pleased. The swelling is going down and I massage every day softly with bio oil or cast or oil. I also take arnica and bromelain to help with the bruising.... READ MORE

29yrs Old, 6'0, Exercise Regularly..@ Least 6 Days a Week! - Jackson, MS

I've always been the chubby kid, but after a good growth spurt & school sports, I grew into my athletic look. Granted that was quite a few yrs ago. So I've picked up my weight....a full yr of working out & I've lost over 25lbs. My goal is to see 185lbs and gain 15lbs of muscle. So...... READ MORE

Smart Lipo of the abs, flanks, waist, hips, and inner/ outer thighs - Austin, TX

Went in today for my preop and everyone was super friendly and helped me feel more comfortable. It's a big deal for me to be voluntarily going under the knife and I need to feel confident in the hands of my new creator. The surgeon was very professional and had a very calming aura about him. I... READ MORE

Smart Lipo on Lower Abdomen and Flanks - Franklin Lakes, NJ

I will be getting smart lipo on my lower abdomen the and flanks. I found my doctor on groupon where he had a groupon for Lower abdomen for $1500. After doing research on the doctor I paid for the groupon and also paid $2700 to get smart lipo on my flanks. I paid for my procedure and I'm... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 2 Boys and Wanted to Feel More Like Myself Again. Boston, MA

I had my upper and lower abs done and also my flanks. I have been thinking of getting this done for a while now. I have two boys age 3 and 1 1/2 and while I am happy with myself I wanted to feel better about my midsection. My surgery went great, I did feel some pain every now and then but it was... READ MORE

36 Years Old, 2 Children, Wanted to Get Rid of Stubborn Lifelong Belly Fat - Bethesda, MD

I went to see Dr. Magge originally for a breast lift but need to hold off on that for several months since I just stopped breastfeeding. Though he originally recommended a tummy tuck, after seeing me for a second consult (as I wasn't even thinking of lipo when I first met him), he found that I... READ MORE

Gains All Weight in Tummy - YIKES! - Atlanta, GA

I can't believe I am doing this! I have scheduled my procedure for May 6th and will have pre-op on May 26th. Everyone has been pretty helpful with the exception of having to call back a handful of times to pay and get everything scheduled. All of the staff have been incredibly patient with me... READ MORE

35yo Mother Getting a Re-do - Lexington, KY

I decided to have my smart lipo procedure performed by Dr. John Mullins. The areas that were treated were my inner/outer thighs and the dreaded "pooch". These areas just weren't responding to diet and exercise like they used to. I had my consult with Dr. Mullins and his team a week before my... READ MORE

26 Year Old Female, Smart Lipo: Lower Abdomen and Arms - Chicago, IL

Today, I had my consultation with Dr. Truong and his patient coordinator, Devi. I actually had another consultation with another physician, but have finally made my choice to go with this practice instead. There was such a substantial difference between the staff's demeanor here as opposed to... READ MORE

30 Yrs Old Female - No Kids - 5'10" - 170lbs - Healthy & Active and ready for my Dream Body! - Los Angeles, CA

Finally decided to get smartlipo - probably a little impulsively - I'm sitting in the waiting room and thought I'd share the experience with you all So far it's been easy - had to get some blood work done for preop and picked up some prescriptions I've always been healthy and active but I've... READ MORE

Smart Lipo to Inner Thigh...worked! - Austin, TX

I hope to reduce the circumference of my upper thigh by 2 inches. I'm tired of ballooning up just at the top of my thighs when I stop exercising. When I break from heavy weight lifting and every third day of fat burning aerobics I just balloon up. This is my prob. area & I want to eliminate... READ MORE

My 35th Birthday Gift to Myself. KY girl heading to GA.

So I'm not scheduled until for my procedure until early next week, but I'm starting to get both nervous and excited. As of today I am 5'5" and 172 pounds. I typically stay pretty steady at 165 pounds but I've been pretty stressed lately. I have one child so I do worry about loose skin. Talking... READ MORE

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