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Smart Lipo is a variation on traditional liposuction that uses laser energy to liquefy fat before it's removed through a thin tube called a cannula. This technique makes the fat easier to remove, making Smart Lipo a less aggressive procedure that may have a faster recovery timeline. In areas with thin layers of fat, like the face and the neck, the cannula might not be used at all. In this case, the liquefied fat is absorbed and naturally eliminated by the body. The procedure is not intended to significantly reduce weight, but to address fat that has been resistant to diet and exercise. This procedure may also be referred to as Smartlipo Laser Lipolysis or Laser Lypolysis.

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36 Years Old, 2 Children, Wanted to Get Rid of Stubborn Lifelong Belly Fat - Bethesda, MD

I went to see Dr. Magge originally for a breast lift but need to hold off on that for several months since I just stopped breastfeeding. Though he originally recommended a tummy tuck, after seeing me for a second consult (as I wasn't even thinking of lipo when I first met him), he found that I... READ MORE

Dr. James R. Benjamin is the Best Plastic Surgeon! - Bowie, MD

I had Smartlipo on yesterday, May 1, 2014. My day started out with me traveling 2.5 hours to get to Bowie, MD.for my procedure. I first go to check into my hotel. As soon as I get to the desk and tell the desk clerk my name, she excitedly said your doctor was here yesterday - he paid for you an... READ MORE

Smart Lipo is SO Worth It! - Sterling, VA

I am not overweight but I had several little areas of fat that wouldn't go away with exercise. I hated those little problem areas so much and they made me very self conscious. The first time I had Smart Lipo done it was on my upper/lower abdomen, and I loved the results so much I went back a... READ MORE

Smartlipo - Flanks - Chevy Chase, MD

I am set to get smartlipo on Friday, 4/16. Judging by the prices of those getting multiple areas done, I think that I may be paying a bit much. However, that being said, I am very happy with the doctor I chose. Although I have yet to see the product of his work, he is very well qualified on... READ MORE

Smart Lipo on Flanks and Hips

Nervous and ready for my big day tomorrow. I finally decided to put me first and do some tweaking on my body. I love the way I look, but I feel the need to get those problem areas taken care of. I decided to go with Dr. Jason Miller out of Raleigh NC. He made me feel super comfortable and I know... READ MORE

27 Years Old 2 Children!!

So ive been doing tons of research on smart lipo. Been to a couple consultations. Finally found a doctor that made me feel comfortable and had good reviews. My original date to do the procedure was 3/14/17 but due to the snow storm they rescheduled it to 3/17/17 . I will be doing my upper, lower... READ MORE

27 Years Old 2 Kids. Flanks and Abs Lipoed

Have not had the surgery yet, but I'm going 03-16-17 so it's coming soon here... I'm a nervous pervus I've heard good things and I've heard of ppl not liking their results... I'm having my upper and lower abdomen done and I'm getting my love handles and my bra rolls.... I feel I don't have a... READ MORE

Smart Lipo upper and lower abdomen and flanks

I looked on this app for so long trying to figure out what I need to do to get my body back after 3 kids. I am terrified of the actual tummy tuck surgery and the recovery and even the scar. I watched so many procedures on snapchat that I knew I could never do such a thing. I wanted to be cost... READ MORE

Smart Lipo in my 20's

I got my smart lipo on my upper and lower abdomen Also on my flanks. Some days are better than others as far as pain. The day after the surgery I could see changes, but now I'm very swollen And extremely hard. They did tell me I will get bigger before I got smaller so I'm not bugging out just... READ MORE


This doctor does DOES magic. I had no idea that my body was going to change the way it did after the surgery! Daniel careaga is amazing! I got 5 liters taken out plus one drain. The drain. The drain is driving me crazy but this doctor did magic. I'm so happy with the results. The staff is super... READ MORE

42 Years Old, 30-31 BMI

I have been researching Smart Lipo on Real Self for years and never felt like I saw women in my same situation, so I felt that I needed to write this review. I am 5'9", large boned with a 30-31 BMI and have always carried my weight pretty well. I have had two children and never quite recovered... READ MORE

43 Y/o Who Wanted a Waist Back - East Rochester, NY

I had large weight gain in the abdomen and flanks after a new onset cardiac problem. I wanted my waist back and to look good in my clothes again. The procedure went smoothly. I'm not going to lie, the swelling was pretty bad at first. Mainly in my groin. I returned to work 10 days post- op and... READ MORE

Thigh lipo with hips

Dr Azharian did my first procedure. I was pleased the job she did both during the surgery and also with the results I had post op. She had great bedside manner and too care to make sure I had the best results possible. READ MORE

27 Years Old and Ready To Get My Pre-Pregnancy Body Back - Lilburn, GA

I've been on this site since I had my son last year and finally I've come across the perfect surgeon. I've had two kids both c-sections and I'm short, so any weight that I gain starts at my midsection and thighs. I'm pretty excited and nervous about this all but I have much needed support with... READ MORE

Smart Lipo and Chin Implant - Tulsa, OK

I decided to finally tackle my insecurity with my face. I've always had a little bit of fat around my jawline and I hated how it made me look bigger than my actual size. I originally looked into coolsculpting because it wasn't invasive but I wasn't happy with the long wait time for results and... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Upper Lower Abs & Love Handles - Lithonia, GA

I was 230 lbs 5'7 BMI 34 I am still awaiting the results to give a honest review I see a huge difference I keep swelling so it's kind of hard to tell so far I'm down to 218 & 39 waist before I was 230lbs and 42 waist got up to 236 lbs after surgery with the swelling 3 weeks post op... READ MORE

26 Male in Shape with Flank and Lower Back Fat

I am 26 years Old 165 5'7. I am in great shape but I always seem to have fat to my lower back and love handle region. No matter what I do it is always there. I do a lot of cardio but lately I've been wanting to gain more muscle mass, all of this cardio is hindering my muscle growth. I have tried... READ MORE

39 year old mother of 3 in need of Lipo.

After years of putting the idea off, I finally forced myself to do something truly for me. Sonobello ,Orlando has been on my agenda for 4 years now. After researching I finally booked my consultation with the amazing Chelsy 2/23/17. She gave me all the details I needed,and when she told me I... READ MORE

30 years old, 2 kids, Smart Lipo to upper&lower abdomen and flanks

So far I am loving my results. I'm still swollen and bruised from my procedure. Most of my swelling is to the lower abdomen and my vagina. I carried most of my fat in my lower abdomen so I can kind of see why it's swollen from the procedure. My right flank is bruised but I can see it getting... READ MORE

SmartLipo for Lower Abdomen - Mountain View, CA

I'm a 22 year old who has a normal diet and live a pretty active lifestyle. I'm about 5'3 and 125lbs. But I've had a pouch on my lower tummy ever since I was 13. I played sports all through middle school, high school and college but the pouch is still there. I feel very insecure in a bathing... READ MORE

54 Yrs Old Smart Lipo on Upper and Lower Abdomen and Upper and Lower Bra Rolls

I am having my procedure done in 4 days .I am alittle scared well alot but I hope it goes well and the after pain is not so bad. I could only afford 2 areas so I chose the worst ones. I have read alot of reviews more good than bad so I hoping to be back at work in 4 days. Has anyone had bra... READ MORE

34 Year Old, Smart Lipo on Bra Fat, Back and Flanks - Bloomfield, CT

I have been dieting and lost fifteen pounds which I have kept off two years. Despite all my working out I have uneven flanks and deep fat roll that will never go away no matter how much weight I lose. I did three sessions of cool sculpting which were ineffective. It turns out I was not a good... READ MORE

34 Year Old with Three Kids All Cesarean - Overland Park, KS

On 2/16/17 I will being have the procedure SmartLipo on my upper and lower abs and my love handles. Dr. Chambon will perform the procedure. The staff was very nice and put me at ease. I am a little anxious about the numbing part of the procedure. I have heard that it is a bit painful. I am also... READ MORE

My journey for a smaller abdomen area

Its going better, after the first 3-4 days. I went back to work day 3. Got some swelling. 3rd day stomach was way done now im going through swelling stage back is sore from bra area being treated as well sleep is not good purchased benadryl cream for itching stomach feels very tight READ MORE

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