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Life changing Experience

I had smart Lipo on my upper lower abdomen on September 5th, 2017. Today is Post Op Day #15. I did not drain at all and my 4 incisions closed up after a week. I'm walking and drinking my water. On day 8 I got a lymphatic massage and I don't see any results front that. Not sure it help but at... READ MORE

Smart Lipo to Inner Thigh...worked! - Austin, TX

I hope to reduce the circumference of my upper thigh by 2 inches. I'm tired of ballooning up just at the top of my thighs when I stop exercising. When I break from heavy weight lifting and every third day of fat burning aerobics I just balloon up. This is my prob. area & I want to eliminate... READ MORE

60+ Treated Myself for my Birthday! - Indialantic, FL

Pleased so far! I am 60+ and carefor others before myself for so many years! 5'8" 205, and carry all my weight in my midsection. Dr Kaufman performed smartlipo om upper and lower abs and sideflanks. It wasn't painless, but I have wanted this SO BADLY! The most important thing to remember is... READ MORE


I am going for smart Lipo on my my upper/lower abdomen & flanks with Dr. Orseck. I'm scheduled for 12 tomorrow but have to be there at 11 for all the preparations. I can not wait... I'm super excited!! I wanted to post my before pictures tonight just in case I'm not up to it tomorrow... I am 46... READ MORE

35 with 3 Kids Trying to Get my Groove Back!!!

I am 35 with 3 children. I workout 3 to 4 times a week, however; I was having a hard time getting rid of my lower belly fat and flanks. I have been contemplating and reviewing smart lipo for the last 2 years, I just finally build the nerve to do it. I must say I am glad I did it. On the day of... READ MORE

24 Years Old and Ready To Turn This FLAB to FAB! - Lilburn, GA

Hey Ladies! I've been stalking Dr. Boutté reviews for a while now and I must say you all have really contributed to my decision to choose her as my doctor. I had my initial consultation with with Shontel about a month and a half ago, and after much deliberation, my procedure has finally been ... READ MORE

59 y.o. - Lipo and tummy tuck

I had an appointment with Dr. Cole in Norcross. He advertises tummy tuck alternatives. He uses Smart Lipo and skin tightening and Thermage to achieve the best results. I have what's called an "apron" hangover tummy. . .although not extremely bad. I know that a tummy tuck will give me the... READ MORE

Smart lipo (upper and Lower abs and arms)

I had smart lipo 3 days ago and I honestly don't know what to expect. I can see a difference in my stomach and my arms but I was expecting to see more. My doctor (who is awesome) told me that I won't see major results for 5-6 months and to be patient and follow the instructions.. I'm kind of... READ MORE

36, 6 Kids, Much Needed Long Awaited Vaser Lipo Sacramento, CA

I'm a mom of 6 5'6 152lbs pretty healthy. Due to the children, no matter how much exercise I do I still have fat around my abdomen. I went in for a consultation last month and they quoted me 10000 for abdomen and back bra area. That was way to much for me. I shopped around and found a place that... READ MORE

54 Yrs Old...2 C Sections ....After VSG...Motivation to Continue the Journey.

I have met with Dr Boutte, I have seen her results. I had a VSG and lost 60 lbs. I do not want a tummy tuck as of yet as I am still on a weight loss journey (30 lbs to go) but I need some visual motivation. I hoping that I can acquire a slimmer figure and stop looking like I'm 54 and pregnant.... READ MORE

26,no Kids, Looking to Just Be Comfortable in my Own Skin - Lilburn, GA

I've been researching Smart lipo for over a year and the time has finally come!! I went to my initial consultation back in March and originally I decided to get smart lipo on arms, thighs, upper and lower abdomen, flanks, and bra roll which would cost a little over $13,000. However today on 7/26... READ MORE

52 Years and Loving It

I was afraid to wear two piece swimsuits. But now I have a whole drawer full of them. I have clothes in my closet that had tags on them because I had a stomach bulge and I was ashamed to wear them. But now thanks to Dr. Boutte and her staff(Brittney)I am wearing it all. I don't know why I waited... READ MORE

Smart Lipo - 52 Year Old, LOWER ABS; FLANKS; HIPS and ARMS

7/14/17 - Well, I finally decided to start a post to chronicle my experience. I've read so many reviews on here because I want to get myself mentally prepared for my own procedure. I am having my upper and lower abs, flanks, and hips done. By no means do I feel grossly overweight or anything,... READ MORE

The Verdict is Still Out

I was initially headed to Dr. Yily in DR scheduled for July 6th. My hubby was more apprehensive than me regarding having surgery out of the country, my thoughts were its invasive surgery but not so much because it's just liposuction. So I started my search here in he states. Mind you, our... READ MORE

28 Years Old, Needed Help to Start Again

I was not sure about writing this review but as I like to read about others, I think my story could help others. I have been thin and small until a few years ago, I started to be bigger and even with diets and exercise my tummy wouldn't despair. I've never been pregnant so if now I couldn't... READ MORE

One Kid and Never Had a Nice Body Since Than - Beverly Hills, CA

I just want a flat stomach and be able to wear a tank top with out fat hanging out. I'm getting my flanks, whole abdomen and my lateral chest wall done. I'll probably go back and get my arms and back done depending grow much I love music results. I had my daughter really young so I always had... READ MORE

27, no kids, smart lipo full abs & bra roll

I finally got up the guts to post my story after lurking for awhile. I'm 27, have no kids, and despite years of working out, I cannot for the life of me get rid of my stomach and back fat. I was the chubby girl all through elementary and high school and lost a bunch of weight right after but... READ MORE

26 Male in Shape with Flank and Lower Back Fat

I am 26 years Old 165 5'7. I am in great shape but I always seem to have fat to my lower back and love handle region. No matter what I do it is always there. I do a lot of cardio but lately I've been wanting to gain more muscle mass, all of this cardio is hindering my muscle growth. I have tried... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Did Not Work. Is It Worth Repeating?

Did not work! My doctor promised skin tightening all around and a great flat stomach with short recovery time. However, my stomach is worse now than it was before the procedure showing loose skin and bumps. I had very modest amounts of fat before and wore a compression garment for the full year... READ MORE

Smart Lipo on Upper Arms

I have lost about 30lbs over this past year. Like I many others... I have struggled to lose that stubborn fat on my upper arms. I started looking into different options and decided to give Smart Lipo a whirl. I'm not really nervous about the procedure... more excited than anything. The part I... READ MORE

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