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An FDA-approved injectable, Sculptra fills shallow facial lines with small beads made of polylactic acid. As the beads naturally break down, the body may produce more collagen, leading to long-term skincare effects. Typical results last at least two years. LEARN MORE ›

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Cons - none really, except some swelling that takes a good 5 or so days to go down. No one noticed until I pointed it out, but I was aware of it and wouldn't do it less than a week before I had to do anything special. Pros - it's so subtle no one notices except you. It also last much... READ MORE

I wish I would have seen this website prior to getting my Sculptra injections. I had injections done under both eyes. First in November 2007 and again in January 2008. After the first injection, I developed a pea sized lump under my left eye. My dermatologist told me it would go away. I had the... READ MORE

As to pain, it for sure hurt. I've had botox, Ultra Light Therapy, Microdermabrasion, and 3 root canals with crowns, and this hurt the most! But next time, I'll insist on a Lortab before the treatment, if my doctor will do it. I will see. If not, I'll still endure it. I've... READ MORE

{edited} {by Britt user asked to fix misspellings} Like most women who are at the crux of baby boomer land where you start to disappear (meaning no one notices you much anymore), I wasn’t ready to give up and get in the rocker. My appearance was always something I sort of relied on... READ MORE

No one ever informs you of the true cost or pain involved. Many shots in my temple, chin & nose areas. Thought I was having a root canal and the shots became so painful I tried to get out of my chair but they would not let me. I said to stop: "it is too painful", but the doctor just said, "I... READ MORE

I am 43 and I looked tired, sculptra gave me volume in the right place,now I look ealthy and more rested , it looks very naturale and is perfectly done! READ MORE

My dr. used Scultra to add fulless to the volume loss I had from aging. I have used other fillers as well as Botox and this was a great xcombination as it works over the course of time, promoting collagen. It has made a big difference. The important thing to remeber is that it is not just the... READ MORE

My cosmetic dermatologist is a superb injector. She is the best of the best. I have no choice but to blame the product itself, Sculptra, for the lump that formed under my left eye. According to the PI sheet, about 1 in 5 patients develop lumps. I thought I could beat those odds by having a good... READ MORE

I did the procedure because i had hollowness under my eyes and i looked tired all the time when i went to the dr i suggest him restylane but he told me he prefered sculptra to be inyected he talked to me it was a better product so he convinced me to do it ...its been 10 days of this and it was... READ MORE

I have been having Sculptra treatments with Dr Angela for the past 4 years and feel that they are an essential component of my regime. I go twice a year now to see her and every time she gets it just right. A few years ago I had really hollow cheeks and felt my face was falling down. I wanted a... READ MORE

I just received my fourth vial of Sculptra since November 2015. The results are subtle but I must admit I have noticed a difference. I am a slim and athletic individual with a loss of volume to the face. Fortunately, I don't have any saggy or loose skin. My face looks gaunt and tired to me. ... READ MORE

I had my initial consultation with Dr. Eviatar. He is brilliant! He asked me what I was interest in and I said Sculptra, he said ok this is what I think we should do. Without me saying another word he listed exactly what I thought I needed. I'm definitely going to have him inject the Sculptra,... READ MORE

Wrinkles and lines on my face. As a smoker I am not a candidate for surgery so we did sculptura and dysport injections with good results. This is about my 4th visit for sculptura. Three years ago he operated on me to remove the excess skin under my eyes with great results. I never worried... READ MORE

I'm 63, with a thin face and a some sag and lines around the mouth and lower face. From the very first time I saw Dr David Cogburn in Asheville, NC, he recommended Sculptra for my face. Having read about the potential side effects, I resisted the suggestion and went the Voluma and Radiesse... READ MORE

I had the best experiences in the last procedure, deciding to meet with Dr. Khorsandi again for more consultation of what I should do. He set out a few ideas for me to choose from. I decided to go ahead with Sculptra along with Botox on some areas as the same time. one more time I'm so very... READ MORE

Aging and loss Of Collagen. Hollowness in temples, check bones have lost their youthful appearance. I haven't seen full effects yet due to length of time post treatment and another treatment still needed, but in hopeful. I was surprised by the depth of injections compared to Botox but Dr was... READ MORE

I had Sculptra Aesthetic last fall, and not only am I LOVING my results- I could not be more pleased with the entire experience from Dr Weiner and his staff. You can tell he is a step above most injectors and is a true expert. His staff made the process seamless from beginning to end. Definitely... READ MORE

I had Sculptra twice now. First injections around my temples and cheeks in Sept of 2015 and then I did a follow up in Dec, 2015. I can honestly say it is the most amazing product out there and will probably be getting tune-up's for the rest of my life! I have a very little face so I did not... READ MORE

I had sculpture for my birthday present to myself. It is now almost six months later and I love the results. I went to see Gail Humble MD. She did the original studies on sculpture. I was a little worried and for the first day I was a bit full, but this I was told was to be expected. Sculpture... READ MORE

I applied Arnica gel on the area for 5 hours prior to my procedure to prevent bruising. I had it done by a Physician assistant. She applied a numbing cream for 30 minutes prior the procedure to ease the pain. She put 2 vials in my face and massage it after the procedure. I got home and was fine... READ MORE

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The typical cost for Sculptra ranges from $270-$6,000 with an average cost of $1,850. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 524 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more