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An FDA-approved injectable, Sculptra fills shallow facial lines with small beads made of polylactic acid. As the beads naturally break down, the body may produce more collagen, leading to long-term skincare effects. Typical results last at least two years. LEARN MORE ›

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Dr. Eviatar has performed Sculptra injections 2-3 times before, at 1-2 years intervals. This treatment has truly worked. He tried Radiesse before, but it was less durable/effective. I like the fact that he has experience with a range of products, so you can find exactly what works for you. Last... READ MORE

Dr. Casas not only spends time with you (which most doctors don't do), but also gives the absolute best treatment. I cannot recommend her highly enough. The results are amazing, and she follows up to ensure that your result is that for which you had hoped. She is the premiere of all plastic... READ MORE

Dr. Doppelt was recommened by several nurses at the old "St. Mary's Hospital" as one of the most skilled, trusted and professional Doc's they had worked with, and said he would advise me on the best options for anti-aging treatments. Ten years later, I can tell you for certain he is just as... READ MORE

Being a man I felt a bit funny going to the MedSpa. My wife goes and she knew I was a bit worried with my job situation. She told me I should give Synergi a try and I am glad I did. I look younger and it was a gradual process so I did not have any explaining to do. I highly recommend having the... READ MORE

I had a series of three Sculptra treatments over a 3 month period of time and am very please with the results. I am a 52 year old woman and have lost some of the volume in my face. The volume increase in my face, from the Sculptra treatments, is noticeable.. The treatments were $800 per vial and... READ MORE

Nancy injected me with Sculptra and I had no pain or discomfort at any time and had amazing results. I highly reccomend Gawley's office. I am only typng because I am required to do so to process this reviw of my experiance at Dr. Gawley's office. I am continuing to type to fill up my review... READ MORE

My experience with Dr. Khorsandi was nothing short of amazing. I've done Botox regularly for a few years, but was noticing a little volume loss in my cheeks. Dr. K recommended Sculptra. My results have been perfect! I'm looking forward to my next treatment. I also had a Clear+Brilliant... READ MORE

Had my first vial of sculptra done about 6 weeks ago. I am seeing results, but I've scheduled to have another done in about a week. The massaging 5x's for five minutes is annoying, but very important. The first week or so when I was swollen, I looked like I was 25. I'm actually 38 and everyone... READ MORE

Dr. Joseph Eviatar did a fantanstic job adding volume to my upper face/temples, raising my brows and filling out my upper lids which has started to deflate. The result is subtle yet significant. My eyes look younger and more alert. I had three vials of sculptra spaced 2 months apart. The last... READ MORE

Amazing! Over a period of about 2-3 months, I had 1.5 vials of Sculptra and about 3 vials of Belotero. Sculptra is about $950 per vial and Belotero is about $650 per vial. I will go back for a touch up in 6 months (of only one of each) to maintain the benefits of what I have going now. I ... READ MORE

I just had my sculptra treatment 4 months a ago and I look great. I tured 43 this year and I look fresh and natural which is all a girl can ask. I did the 3- rounds of treatment with him when I was 41 and this was my "2 year" update treatment. It looks wonderful. I can't wait fo my 25 year... READ MORE

I'm 32/yr female 115 pounds and had facial wasting due to weight loss. I had tried other "fillers" but the results were very short term. Sculptra has so far provided the most natural and longest lasting results. My biggest concern was the appearance of my nasolabial folds. The sculptra has... READ MORE

I have a very nice experience with Sculptra by Dr Mehta. His expertise and capable hands has enhanced my facial contour and skin texture, and turn the clock back for 10 years. He is so pleasant, confidence, and comfortable to talk with; I feel lucky to be his client, and truly appreciate all his... READ MORE

It has been almost five months after receiving my a total of three vials Sculptra injection by Dr Metha, and I have to admit that I am really thrill with the result. I am 40, but the Sculptra has given me 10 years back. It has taken me awhile to write this review because I want to make sure... READ MORE

This little bit of magic helps with what sleep and makeup can't. I seem to look more refreshed and well rested. In my opinion it does not shout that something is different its more of a whisper. My face has lost its volume as I gotten in my 40's. My vitality is more on par with how I feel on... READ MORE

At 53 my face had begun to sag, I looked tired and decided to do something about it. I went for a free consultation at Chelsea Face and Body in NYC and met with Paul Freistuhler, the Spa's owner. Paul recommended Sculptra for the sinking indentations between my lower eye area and cheekbones... READ MORE

Back in April of this year I had botox around my eyebrows for the first time, I am 55 and was really noticing my eyebrows were getting that "heavy" feeling. That botox only lasted 6 weeks. In June I started back at gym which I do nearly every day, weight training with about 4 days included... READ MORE

As I've gotten older (63!), my face has lost some volume and was starting to look drawn. After one treatment of Sculptra (two more to go and then one each year to touch up), I can already see the subtle changes which are underway....more fullness in my cheeks and a better defined jaw line. My... READ MORE

Dr. Vargas answered all my areas of concern regarding fine lines and wrinkles. She also made me aware of the changes that would most likely happen to my face over the next 10 years. We talked about surgical options , but decided to implement a plan of injectable fillers. This plan has... READ MORE

I am 46 and I had been doing fillers - Restylane, Juvederm and Radiesse for about 5 years. I started at about 38 with my laugh lines and Restylane, then Juvederm for the hollows under my eyes and Radiesse to help with that in my cheeks. I was getting Juvederm ever 4 to 6 months - especially my... READ MORE

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