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Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable that's used to treat mild to severe facial wrinkles. Unlike other injectables that fill wrinkles, Sculptra is made from a poly-L-lactic acid that stimulates the body's natural production of collagen over time. The treatment typically involves three injection sessions over the course of three to four months, and results can last for up to two years. LEARN MORE ›

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Sculptra. Miami, FL

Results from Sculptra were superior to results from Juvaderm and other fillers. Skin has more luminosity. I look rested, healthy and natural. Sculptra should last longer than the other fillers. It will be interesting to compare its longevity to other treatments. Dr. Dosal's efficiency and... READ MORE

Outstanding Experience - Pasadena, TX

Dr. Kronberg has been my dermatologist for many years and she is amazing! She is presently treating age related skin changes using fillers and Botox. In her hands those products are art materials. The warm, competent, relaxing and caring environment created by Dr. Kronberg and her staff make... READ MORE

Several Fillers Used to Correct Sunken Cheeks Due to Aging - Nashville, TN

As a professional business woman working in all areas of hospitals I have the opportunity of talking with Plastic Surgeons all over the country. I am always asking about the newest procedures and products coming out. Then I go to Dr. Biesman and he not only has them, but has trained his... READ MORE

Sculptra Problems - Richmond, VA

Had one Sculptra session, 2 vials. Board certified plastic surgeon did injection into cheek, along jaw line and in the temple. About a month later I noticed hair shedding and a very pink scalp. Dermatologist did biopsy and it showed chronic mild inflammation. Said he didn't think the... READ MORE

Highly Recommend Dr Bapna - Dublin, OH

I have been to Dr Bapna for Botox and Sculptra and, each time I have been, he has always taken the time to answer all of my questions and put me at ease. He is an extremely talented and patient doctor who cares about his patients. He has never made me feel rushed or unimportant and I have... READ MORE

Senior Who Loves SCULPTRA! - Manhattan, NY

He is a genius with the stuff! Love him and love the product which lasts a respectable amount of time. I never leave without being lined up for the next appointment. I most especially like his assistant, Denise, who makes each office visit extra comfortable. I have been using SCULPTRA for a... READ MORE

35 Years Old Male, Looking Fresh and Rejuvenated Thanks to Sculptra - New York, NY

I had noticed some signs of aging in my face which gave me a bit of a tired look, even though I've been sleeping very well. In particular, there were some hollowness under my eyes and my naso-labial folds were getting more pronounced than they used to be. I had no deep wrinkles yet, but I was... READ MORE

Very Happy! - Reflections Dermatology Orlando, Fl

I am a 36 year old mom of two and have had Botox a few times on my forehead. I have began to notice other changes in the fullness of my face especially the hollows under my eyes and around my jaw line. It has been a month since my first injections and I can already see the results. I love how... READ MORE

Love Ur Selfie at Synergy

I have to admit when selfies became the happening thing, I was not excited. Then I started going to Synergy for treatments. Before I knew it, I was not only taking beautiful selfies but actually sending and posting them. Thank you Synergy for giving me my youthful years and my confidence back.... READ MORE

Sculptra Does Work! - Stuart, FL

I am a 46 year old who over time has lost volume in my cheeks. This made my face look long and older that my age. I did three two vial sessions over 6 months. I wish that I had photos of my own to post but if you are in the Stuart, Fl area, Dr. Avron of Athena Plastic Surgery would be happy to... READ MORE

Sculptra Nodules - New York, NY

I went to a plastic surgeon to ask about options for filling a small horizontal line on between my bottom lip and chin area. He recommended leaving that alone and instead suggested using sculptra along my Jawline to achieve a different effect. I had been going to him for botox and fillers in... READ MORE

Love my Natural Sculptra Results at Synergi - Villa Ridge, MO

I love the results with my botox and sculptra at synergi. The nurses are artists and helped refreshed my appearance. I look very natural and fresh. I am going to do Prp next to help improve the quality of my skin. I love everything and everyone at Synergi medspa. I would not trust my face to... READ MORE

Looks at YOU Personally So You Look YOUR Best - Snellville, GA

Dr. Burke always makes me feel comfortable that my services are customized to my needs - not that he is just selling as much as he can to me or simply doing what I am asking for. He adds art to the science of the medical services he provides, which is really critical for a plastic surgeon and... READ MORE

48 Years Old, 2 Kids - Hinsdale, IL

I am very happy with my results having Skulptra done! Skin is firm and brighter in tone! Lines are gone! People look at me and compliment my skin, which did not happened before :) . Never had any downtime after the treatments - no swelling or bruising. I would recommend Skulptra and this... READ MORE

Sculptra Worked Great! - Buckhead, GA

Having never had any type of procedure done to help with wrinkles and lose of collogen, I was very skeptical. Dr. Martinez-Diaz did a great job educating me on the different products, the results and side effects. Deciding on Sculptra was the best decision. The product did cause some swelling... READ MORE

Wedding Body Reboot- 6 Weeks PO!! - Sugar Land, TX

Dr Atun is super nice. I was super pleased when i went in for my consult at Elite Body Sculpture and he was the plastic surgeon i met with. I am getting married in a few months and i needed some extra help to fit into my dress...and of course with my arms! I look so much better. The procedure... READ MORE

37 Year Old Man with HIV Lipodystrophy and Aging Skin - Atlanta, GA

I went to see Dr. Martinez-Diaz after being recommended by a friend, who had some cosmetic procedures with him. My main concerns were related to both genetic facial aging and also some related to my HIV Lipodystrophy. I went to see him particularly for Sculptra injections, and other... READ MORE

Best Decision I've Ever Made! - New Orleans, LA

After spending many years in the sun I decided it was time to learn how to better care for my skin. I had lost significant volume and wanted an opportunity to restore it. Dr Lupo recommended a series of Sculptra injections. The results are amazing! It has been six months and the results are... READ MORE

Master Sculptra! - Los Angeles, CA

Uneven face, more pronounced sagging in the right side of the face. Volume loss overall, tired, aged look Hi everyone!! It's been more then a year since my second Sculptra treatment and my face still looks great! Its volume has been restored and I feel tighter around the chin neck area where... READ MORE

Cosmetic Procedures - Brooklyn, NY

Long time patient of the extremely intelligent and deeply caring Dr. Irene Gladstein. First time I stepped into her office... I felt total competence. We discussed carefully what was best for me. Dr. Irene Gladstein was amazing. She is very professional and caring. My results are always so... READ MORE

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