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An FDA-approved injectable, Sculptra fills shallow facial lines with small beads made of polylactic acid. As the beads naturally break down, the body may produce more collagen, leading to long-term skincare effects. Typical results last at least two years. LEARN MORE ›

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Consumers, please do your homework before deciding. Don't fall for a plastic surgeon office sales pitch. Anyone considering Sculptra should do a serious reality check to decide if this is the right product for your specific problem. It is NOT an instant filler such as done with lips and... READ MORE

I am 4 months post my first sculptra treatment?however?One vial sculptra makes my jaws ugly and bigger ?my face looks very droopy then. I lose my natrual small heart shape face and also my self-esteem. Dr Vo Hu gave me Sculptra even though I emphasized I don't want to make my face bigger and... READ MORE

Sculptra is a filler that gives subtle results. Dr. Chapman treated my temple area, cheek area and the marionette lines. The pain was minimal and Dr Chapman explained what she was doing the whole time. I was told to massage the areas five times a day for five days. I can't wait for my third... READ MORE

Must list price by vial. I have had 2 sessions. 2 vials per session. so $500 per vial. Supposed to go one more time may be 1 or 2 more vials. I have never had a treatment like this before. No botox etc. Found it to be quite painful but you can get through it. I bruised alot. More the first time.... READ MORE

I was concerned about fine lines and loss of volume. I chose to go see Dr. George Allen because I had heard wonderful things about his work. He suggested sculptra which he currently has a great special on (I will include details from his news letter). I was confident that I was going to the best... READ MORE

Please help me if you can. I had sculptra injected while having a mini facelift, chemical peel, lipo under chin and correction of corners of mouth at the same time. Six months after surgery these white things started growing out of me. Sometimes it would be a big lump and it would burst open.... READ MORE

I'm 35years old. I tried Sculptra in January after seeing some nice results on a few friends and decided to try it out. The results are natural looking and subtle, really different from HA fillers which I have also tried. Basically I find that my face and skin is fresher and I look a few years... READ MORE

I met with my plastic surgeon, Deborah Ekstrom, Salisbury Plastic Surgery, Worcester MA back in November. She suggested Sculptra. I was very hesitant but after reading reviews and seeing photos I decided to begin my journey to turn back time a bit. Dr. Ekstrom is a very caring, compassionate... READ MORE

I had lost volume!! The area under my cheeks were especially hollow. I made an appointment with Lisa to discuss my concerns. She placed a total of 4 vials over three appointments. She concentrated under my cheeks and temple area. She then placed some in other areas to help with overall volume.... READ MORE

1st Injection of sculptra and Botox in forehead , crows feet and between brows -immediately after ... My results disappeared from sculptra as expected will post pics after my 2nd appointment. The Botox had not really started to show the effects - I am pleased with smoothing of forehead lines ,... READ MORE

Dr Riechner personalized my program just for me. He took his time, and worked with me on my beauty goals :-) We together worked on my treatment program.....I had 4 vials total. He has a surgeon's eye.....very important because he is an expert on the "whole picture" when planning out what to put... READ MORE

This year I turned 55 yrs old and decided it was time I did something for me! See my other review on Voluma as well for more details. Had 1 vial of sculptra along jawline in July. Went for follow-up 4 weeks later and had another vial. This time she focused on the mandible and added a bit to... READ MORE

I had about 5 sessions of Sculptra done in 2012-2013 by two doctors and I am mostly satisfied. It has been about 18 months since my first injection and I developed no nodules at all even in areas with thin skin. Dr Kopovolic is really nice and does a great job. He injects superficially with... READ MORE

I had gone to another provider for voluma (cheeks) and juvaderm (lips, marionette lines), at first I was quite please but over time I developed a large ridge under both of my eyes. The other provider recommended that I have my tear troughs filled but she wasn't comfortable doing it. I researched... READ MORE

After years of competitive bodybuilding I noticed my face has become gaunt looking, even after putting in body fat everywhere else. My body metabolised other fillers within weeks, so my doctor suggested Sculptra. We used one vial and focused mostly on the temples and cheeks, with a... READ MORE

I went to a highly rated dermatologist in downtown Fort Lauderdale where sculptra was recommended. The doctor told me that sculptra was natural (not true). Immediately after the injections my face looked swollen and I was in pain. 20 months have passed and I still have a disfigured face that... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Eviatar because he is an Oculoplastic (eye) Surgeon and I wanted to improve my undereye area. I know this is a tricky, delicate area so I wanted an eye specialist not just a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. At 53, I don’t mind my minor crow’s feet but my undereye crepey skin, fin... READ MORE

I turned to Sculptra to restore facial fullness about 2 years ago. I'd had a face lift at 62 and had tried other fillers in specific areas but nothing addressed all areas of my face as I aged. I turned to my plastic surgeons' right-hand person, Renee Arriaga, and she recommended Sculptra. ... READ MORE

I quit smoking several years ago after 20 years. I had many fine lines which Dr.Karamanoukian took care of with CO2 laser. However my nasolabial folds were deep, and I had very strong marrionette lines. I am one of the happiest people I know, but my face looked "down" and the marrionette lines... READ MORE

Love love love sculptra. Have had it done 3 times now...also have had mesothreads...laser peeling..eyesurgery and liposuction on my chin!! I also have had some lipfillers, laser, liposuction on my chin...and upperlid surgery done here in Finland..also I am useing botox regurally...have also some... READ MORE

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