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Radiesse is an FDA-approved injectable filler used to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and smooth marionette lines around the mouth. It can also be used to correct volume loss in the back of the hands. In many patients, results can last a year or more. LEARN MORE.

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I find the service and care at this center to be excellent. The doctor knows exactly what I need and she is careful and precise. She has a non-judgements approach and does not try to oversell. The wait was nearly an hour which was frustrating but it was worth it! I have been to several doctors... READ MORE

19 Year Old Cheek Bone Definition Cheek Filler Want Higher High Cheek Bones

I feel like i should write this review so people really understand what they are getting into, especially if you're young. I had been looking into cheek fillers for weeks and weeks and become quite obsessed with them as I wanted the apperence of HIGHER more DEFINED MODELESQUE cheek bones. I ... READ MORE

48 Years Old and Looked Like an Old Man with Jowls!!

Unbelievable, looks like 10 lbs was taken off my face. I have a pretty jawline again! Should have done it like 2 years ago. Hurt alittle, but it was worth it. Instant gratification. Well worth the price, and unlike botox, no waiting to see results. Telling all my friends, not alot of people... READ MORE

10 Hours After Two Syringes of Radiesse - Westlake Village, CA

I had been wanting juevederm in my marionette lines for a few months so I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon. Today was the appointment and he said he was having a special on Radiesse so I said yes. He didnt ask me any medical questions like allergies because if he had I would have told... READ MORE

Face Fillers Really Give You a Lift

Dr. Deborah Marciano is a top notch skilled injector of face fillers. I am 55 and hate the diagonal lines that pull me face down creating a tired and sad expression. Thank God there are fillers like radiesse that plumped up my nose to mouth lines, the corners of my mouth lines, depressions in... READ MORE

Had Temple Area Filled

Amazing results i did get quite a headache and my jaw ached like mad afterwards but after a few days its gone and looks great! Haven't finished my treatment yet so dont have photos but so far so good and my technician is amazing does things very slowly over a period of time to be sure its what u... READ MORE

Model Photographer 49 Years Old at Last Injection

I absolutely love Dr. Emer. He is one of only three doctors worldwide, I would allow to touch my face and hands for injections. I am a model and also a photographer, and it is of the utmost importance to me, to know that I am in safe hands. One of my biggest concerns when it comes to preserving... READ MORE

Radiesse for Eye Bags

3 weeks to see good results, I am happy I did it although I didn't know recovery would be so long. I spent two weeks obsessing and looking in the mirror. Bruising and swelling, nervous for a whole week, regret and disappointment of Procedure because of discoloration and bumps, wormy line on one... READ MORE

Radiesse, YES PLEASE! - Great Neck, NY

This stuff is amazing, but maybe because of the injector, Dr. Marciano. I LOVE the results; she is consistently a pleasure to see and her results are spectacular. Reasonably priced, but totally worth it! I've been injecting small amounts in the upper corners of my cheeks for a subtle lift, and... READ MORE

Sagging Face and Spirits to Go with It - Saint Petersburg, FL

After having a lower facelift by a different doctor with none of the result I was promised, I went to Dr. O'Brien to see if fillers could be used to improve the 'parentheses' that still framed my mouth. Dr. O'Brien gave me all the options, and I decided to start with Radiesse for the nasolabial... READ MORE

Never Ever EVER Let Radiesse Anywhere NEAR Your Face - New York

I am posting this as a PSA hoping that it reaches people who are considering Radiesse before they make a fateful decision that could ruin their faces and their lives. Radiesse has been marketed as a longer-lasting alternative to HA fillers like Restylane and Juverderm. This could not be... READ MORE

The BEST! - New York, NY

There is a good reason why Dr. Eviatar is always in demand, whether as a doctor or educator. The skills and knowledge are just impeccable. Bedside manner is textbook. He makes you feel comfortable and at ease, takes time to educate you so you are a smarter patient, and LISTENS to you. Above all,... READ MORE

Understated and Natural

I came back for my 4th treatment with Dr. Eviatar (Botox & Fillers). No one ever notices that I had anything done, which is how I like it. Very natural results. I'm 59 and I don't expect to look like I'm 30, the treatments just make me look better, healthier. He and his staff are also... READ MORE

Hate Radiesse Injections - How Long Till It Goes Away Completely? - Houston, TX

I've always had dark under eye circles since I was about 15. To help correct this, I received restylane injections (along with botox) under the eyes 4 months ago. About one month into it I noticed a large bag and half-moon dark circle under one eye that continued towards the middle of the cheek.... READ MORE

Keeps Me Looking Fresh and Not over Done - La Jolla, CA

Love love Dr.Butterwick. She has the eye to give enough but not too much , giving me that refreshed looked. I had botox and fillers done and she turned the clock back 8-10 years for this 48 yr old. The staff is extremely kind and courteous. I liked that they give you options for your... READ MORE

Radiesse, Restylane Lyft and Belotero - All with Great Results - Beachwood, OH

Over the past 2 years, I have had fillers to soften and create more fullness in sagging areas of my face. Although my aging process has actually been very good due to a good skin care regime and minimal sun, it was my photographs that propelled me to take further action to give me a boost. I... READ MORE

38 Years Old, Injectable Filler for Cheeks - Fort Worth, TX

I've contemplated trying a dermal filler to help correct the volume and definition I used to have in my cheeks. I see Dr. Laura Riehm (in Ft. Worth) for skin treatments, and asked her about my options. After educating me on various fillers, I opted to try Radiesse and am so glad I did! Over the... READ MORE

67 Year Old; Loss of Facial Volume - Los Angeles, CA

Being one of the rare people on whom Botox has not been successful, I consulted Dr. Palmer for his suggestions on what might be an alternative....He took the time to talk and review my concerns. He suggested facial filler, and I am thrilled with the result. He also suggested a TCA peel which... READ MORE

amazing results from palmbeacher/bostonian - Atlantis, FL

I must share my amazing experience and results with anybody out there that is interested in a truly honest, very exact review of Doctor Neda Vanden Bosch. I have been getting fillers, botox, etc from all over the country for many years. It was a miracle when I followed an amazing... READ MORE

Radiesse by Dr. Eviatar - New York, NY

I was very ambivalent about starting injection treatments four years ago and had consultations with different doctors to discuss various treatment plans. It was really important to me that the result looked natural and not obvious to anyone that I was undergoing injections. I am so glad that I... READ MORE

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